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Dec 27, 2006 04:06 AM

Please Help! Any Recs for Small Group Dinner(10 people) in South Bay?

Hi all. A small group of us and our spouses, all thirty-somethings, are looking for a place to get together for dinner tomorrow evening. Not looking for anything too fancy or pricey--something like the Cheesecake Factory, without it actually being the Cheesecake Factory--will be fine. Also, it would be nice if we could hear each other talk. Any ideas?



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  1. I would recommend Gina Lee's Bistro in Redondo Beach. It's Asian-fusion. Lots of yummy fish dishes. As for price, it is pricier and nicer than Cheesecake Factory but not fancy or expensive. Can't really remember the exact prices, but I think a lot of entrees are $17 or so?

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      I would absolutely not recommend Gina Lee's for more than 4 if you want to hear each other talk. My birthday dinner was ruined there when I could only hear the people on either side, plus I left with a sore throat trying to get others to hear me!

    2. Try Bistro 767 in Rolling Hills...really nice, fantastic contemporary American menu...good 30 something friends and I had a wonderful time last week...

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          Are you talking about the take out place? If so, it's not very good and I think it only has two small tables on the inside.

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            Ragin Cajun is right on Pier and has plenty of room. Very festive and very friendly, less soul-food, but more Cajun: jambalaya, po boys, that sort of thing.

            The take out place is down the street from there and is as small as you described.

        2. Aimee's Bistro on PCH in Redondo Beach. The room is cozy and quiet, friendly service, very good French menu. I was not impressed with Gina Lee's, even though many 'hounds really like it.

          1. I'd recommend Belacan Grill for good Chinese inspired Malaysian food. They've got great food, good prices and have large tables to sit your party. My boyfriend and I always go there when we're in the mood for something "Asian".

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              Good call! I always forget about this place. It's a gem.

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                Oh yea I also forgot to mention that it's not very busy most nights so you don't have to worry about the noise level. I don't know why it's never very busy though--maybe they're more of a lunch crowd kind of restaurant though I've only been there for dinner.