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Dec 27, 2006 03:13 AM

Need Richmond, VA recommendations for visit this weekend

My family and I will be traveling to Richmond, VA this weekend. I need some recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially interested in locally owned restaurants that offer good food. Thanks for your help!

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  1. For breakfast, I highly recommend Can Can in Carytown. a french bistro with rich coffee and mouth-watering beignets. They have an excellent french dinner menu, too. Plenty of pastries and eggs for any palette.

    1. My parents love Can Can. Zeus and Baker's Crust also do a nice brunch. For dinner, family favorites include Mama Zu, Acacia, Amici, Croaker's Spot, Zeus, and Edo Squid.

      1. For breakfast I'd recommend Kuba Kuba, Cusines, and a new place, Zed Cafe. Either of those would also be good for lunch and dinner.

        I second Lucia's recommendations and would also add Comfort to that mix. They have a great southern comfort food menu. Great sides (mac/cheese, cheese grits, squash cassarole, etc.) as well. Be forewarned that Mamma Zu and Comfort do not take reservations. Best to be there when they open for dinner at 5:30 on the weekend to ensure seating in a timely manner.

        Another nice place for all meals (I think they serve breakfast) is the unheralded 821 Cafe. My favorite Vietnamese place is Pho So 1. My favorite Chinese is China Star.

        Provide some specific preferences and we can nail down some spots for you.

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          I forgot about Comfort and 821 Cafe. I should go visit my folks more often--Richmond has a surprising (to me) number of great places to eat.

          1. re: Lucia

            Well it's gotten a lot better since we moved here 9 years ago and we're very thankful!