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Dec 27, 2006 03:01 AM

Need Venice Recs

I respectfully request ideas for dinner tomorrow (Weds) night in either Venice or Santa Monica.

My old friends are in SoCal for the holiday(s) from DC, they are driving up from Orange County and we are meeting for dinner in between my 'hood and theirs.

Normally, I'd suggest i Cuigini but one of our party is pregnant and needs to go easy on the seafood. Another place I used to dig is Akbar (the one on the border of Venice/CC & Marina) but it just isn't the same without Nino and his wine selection. Lastly, for their comfort-level, it shouldn't be super-splurgy. Oh, and lastly, Nook can't take us at the time we want so that option is out.

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      I second Joe's. Always great food and service. Hal's is decent, but loud...

    2. 26 Beach estaurant
      3100 Washington, across the street from Akbar, ask to dine in the patio.

      1. Consider Violet on Pico, or JiRaffe on SMB. Prices similar to Nook, perhaps a couple bucks more on mains...

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        1. re: silence9

          If I'm not mistaken, Jiraffe is much more expensive than Nook.

          1. re: ThatPat

            Hi... Yes, I suppose Nook is a much better value, especially their lunch menu. As for dinner, Nook's chicken entrees clock in at around $17, compared to $26 at JiRaffe. And their respective ribeye's have an even greater differential. JiRaffe's monday 3-course bistro night is the deal maker, but it would not serve the OP's needs for tonight

        2. Cucina Paradiso on Motor (just S. of National) in Palms. Yum. and not too splurgy.