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Dec 27, 2006 02:04 AM

weddings in restaurants in Toronto

Looking to hold our wedding in a restaurant. Thought it would be nice to hold the ceremony and recepetion in one location. Ideally like to have an outside spot, i.e., a courtyard or rooftop patio. Any suggestions?

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  1. I married at La Maquette.
    The ceremony was on their patio (which is in the Toronto Sculpture Garden on King). Used a 'rent-a-rev' from City Hall and had to get permission to hold the ceremony in the sculpture garden, but realy minimal hassle. And great place for pictures with waterfall outside and rose garden across King Street.
    The food was pretty good (but safe) and they handled all the details perfectly. Even matched the table flowers to Chowspouses bouquet.

    1. how about the Old Mill Inn in the west end....The setting is gorgeous....especially for pics....I have eaten there on a few occassions and the food is good....I am not sure how it works for weddings, but they have both a restaurant and banquet rooms. Definataly worth looking in to.

      1. George on Queen East (111 Queen E., 416-863-6006).

        I haven't been there myself, but friends have attended weddings there and always enjoyed it. I know the building well- it's actually an old chocolate factory, so lots of character, exposed brick, etc., but renovated and well maintained. They've got a beautiful courtyard with lots of trees, so it's never too hot, if you're thinking summer. The entire complex is run by Verity Spa (, who also owns the restaurant itself, I believe. This means you have access to several smaller rooms, plus the restaurant, plus the courtyard.

        Definitely worth checking out.

        - Lea

        1. Auberge du Pommier...the classic option.

          1. it's not a restaurant, but you might want to consider the heintzman house in thornhill. it's a gorgeous historic home with beautiful gardens, and it's owned by the municipality, so it's very reasonable price-wise. they also allow you to bring in your own caterers and booze.