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Dec 27, 2006 01:59 AM

Pho 1 vs. Pho 999 on Sepulveda Blvd.

While I was driving home from work I was craving a big bowl of PHO soup and as much as I love Pho 999 I had to give in to certain people on this board who favor the one across the street, Pho 1 by the Ranch 99.

Now I'm a sucker for Vietnamese fried eggrolls and always start off with a plate of these. First off they seem over cooked and lacked that delicous non greasy flavor that emburses from the ones I love at Pho 999

Then since I just got over the flu wasn't after anything to spicy so I went for a bowl of chicken rice noodle PHO, zero complaints with the soup yet PHO 999 to me wins hands down as well as the service to how your treated.

My two cents,


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  1. I love me some bun with stuffed tofu at Pho So 1... and they have seven courses of beef.

    1. When at work in the Valley it's #1 for me.

      I'll stop at 999 on Wilshire on the way home if I'm craving a bowl.

      I find the broth at #1 tastier.

      A side note, the last time I was on Wilshire I was almost finished with my bowl when my waitress came over and added another cup or two of broth.

      If she'd only of added more noodles!

      I go primarily for the Pho so it's #1 for me!

      1. Hi.. Speaking from a practical perspective, dining at Pho So 1 allows for immediate subsequent access to Ranch 99 (i.e., car's already parked betwixt, and it's a 10 step walk from Pho So 1 to Ranch 99). Also, the raw veggies seem fresher at Pho So 1, though I assume both places get their produce from Ranch 99. Lastly, we always get a more cordial welcome from our favorite waiter at Pho So 1. In the end, the difference between the two is akin to Coke and Pepsi, in my estimation...