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Dec 27, 2006 12:55 AM

26 Beach Cafe... Delicious!

A friend and I went to 26 Beach Cafe for a cozy brunch last week and had a great time. The decor of the cafe is quaint and intimate. Definately try their french toasts! They're to die for... and can be eaten as a dessert rather than a meal.

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  1. We've gone to 26 Beach for brunch a few times now, and have liked it every time. Granted, it isn't amazing, but the food is reliable, the service prompt and friendly, and we've never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a table. We're within a short distance to John O'Groats, but waiting over 1 hour for a table when we're already hungry is not fun. It's faster to get in the car and go to 26 Beach, and the experience is much more relaxed.

      1. re: cinzia

        3100 Washington Blvd.
        (west of Lincoln near corner of Yale)
        Venice, 90292
        (310) 823-7526

        Nothing ordinary, but somewhat innovative menu items. Breakfasts and brunch items are terrific.

        The original 26 Beach was at 26 Washington Blvd. It was started by a Japanese guy who for many years ran a sushi bar in Little Tokyo. He prided himself on baking his own breads from scratch even the hamburger buns. My understanding was the son ran this surviving location at 3100 Washington Blvd., when both locations were running.

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          When 26 Beach first opened on Washington, it had a tiny sushi bar which was great. Plus the restaurant which served great salads, burgers with homemade buns. His son, Francis has been running 26 Beach for quite a while.

      2. The Sushi Bar was at 3rd & Vermont called Kame Sushi, I believe. The son cooked burgers at the original 26 Beach, then went to culinary school and expanded the menu to what you have today. The father was the original baker of their hamburger buns, they used to do garlic cheese knots long before the C.O. The father is still around but his health is up and down. The son really does some great things, his cheesecakes are amazing, as his his tirimisu, he does not bake them often, but when he does they sell out quick. I have had both, they are great, I hear he does a great carrot cake also.

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          Maybe Kame Sushi was an interim stop, but the old man definitely told me Little Tokyo before sushi became a popular LA phenom.

        2. I tried the burger at 26 beach because I was craving a good burger/fries experience. I was underwhelmed. The service and the environment was great. The burger was juicy but tasteless. The fries were clearly homemade but limp and dry. (Why oh why do people treat noble fries with such carelessness?) Still, I'd go back and try the salmon burger which I've had there before (delish!). Also their bread pudding with incredible pecan sauce (baked once a week by a wonderful Mexican lady sez the waiter) was out of this world wonderful. If you don't do anything else have one of their great salads and finish with the bread pudding. It's heavenly!

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            I'm a huge 26 Beach fan- love the hawaiian royale- but I do agree the fries are weak. The key is to ask for them well done, and then pour tons of salt on them. Then they are actually pretty good. But as is, yes, limp and tasteless. Next time you want the burger there, make a special note for your fries!

              1. re: eat_well

                I've always had good fries there! I ask for them well done/extra crispy with no salt. I think they are made in rice oil, which I appreciate as a change of pace, especially as I am allergic to peanuts and avoid fries in peanut oil. I agree re the burger though -- I don't like the meat that they use and they lay like lead in my stomache for several hours after.....Yet, they are very popular on this board :-)

                1. re: Bite Me

                  well, exactly, you have to ask for them well done. Other wise they will disappoint too...

              2. I've been to 26 Beach a few times and I would only recommend it for breakfast or brunch. Atmosphere is cute and cozy, but dinner menu is overpriced and tasteless. The first time I ordered an overpriced burger, the next a pasta dish, and each were nothing special. Breakfast, however, is a different story. LOVE the reeses pieces french toast. amazing. They have lots of interesting concoctions, worth trying for sure.

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                  dunno if you consider their salads part of the dinner menu. .
                  i really like most of their salads.

                  1. re: sundevilstef

                    It's quite frustrating that they don't serve toast or bread with breakfast, especially since they have french toast on the menu.