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Apr 4, 2005 11:11 AM

Where can I find a proper "English Breakfast" in SF?

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I have a good friend who moved here a few months ago from London and is terribly home sick for a proper English Breakfast. Where can I take her in the San Francisco area?

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    Robert Lauriston

    O'Reilly's has a traditional Irish breakfast, basically the same thing.


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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      duh! basically NOT.
      the bread couldn't be more different.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston
        Rod Williams

        Basically not remotely the same thing! In deference to Sixy Beast, I won't rhapsodize on how much more delicious the Irish one is...

      2. My boss (who is English) told me the proper English My boss (who is English) told me the proper English breakfast is a cigarette and a cup of tea.

        Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

        1. TAPPYS which is on the corner of Sutter and Larkin has the English breakfast.

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            Robert Lauriston

            Doesn't Mad Dog in the Fog do English breakfast? Though they don't open until lunchtime.

            1. I would be very excited if one could get a decent english breakfast smewhere in the bay area. It's not hugely easy to get a decent one in the UK, so i don't hold up much hope for CA.

              In my 4 + years here I have yet to find a sausage that compares with the kind of sausage you would expect in a classic english breakfast. The textures of sausage here are generally more meaty. The quality is probably better, here, but then it doesn't taste like back home.

              The right type of bacon is hard but not impossible to find too. At various times I have found Irish bacon (closest to what you find in an English breakfast) at the following stores:
              Andronicas in the Sunset
              The British Store in Potrero Hill
              Unite Market in San Rafael.

              I haven't necessarily tried shopping for it at these places recently. The last place I saw it was frozen at the British Store at the end of last year.

              If you like Baked Beans (I don't personally), then there are many places you can buy them.

              As for black pudding - I haven't a clue but I can live without that on my breakfast plate.

              Since I was in England the week before last and pondering on this very subject, over a bog-standard english breakfast - I have since then been thinking of sourcing all the ingredients for putting an English breakfast together myself.

              I just have to decide on the sausage. There are many wonderful sausages available in the Bay Area, I have to do a bit more research before I settle on which one would be the best replacement for the British Style. (Most of the "British Bangers" I have tried here are nothing like what I, at least, was used to)