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Great sandwich at 'Wichcraft

I had a great lunch at 'Wichcraft (8th Street location) today: The slow roasted pork on a caibatta roll. It was so delicious --all the ingredients just worked and it was worth the rather lengthy wait and somewhat high price. But that's what seperates a good snadwich from a great one. Does anyone have any other great sandwich places to recommend? Or other 'Wichcraft chioces to try?

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  1. They're expensive but the sandwiches at Starwich are amazing. I used to live by the 42nd and 10th Avenue one, but there are others around the city (53rd/Lex and 38th/6th are two others I know about). There is a filet mignon sandwich with caramelized onions and a garlicky spread that is heavenly - crusty bread, warm steak and sweet onions are just a perfect blend (though ask them to go easy on the aioli as sometimes it may make the bread too soggy).

    Lots of made to order choices - also if you like tomato soup and grilled cheese, they have a soup with the sandwich already cut up in the soup. The soup is almost spaghetti sauce thick but rich, a bit spicy, and definitely filling!

    1. Try the Fontina and truffled mushrooms. Better is Despana and Bread.

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        Would totally vouch for the Fontina and truffled mushrooms!

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          technically black trumpet mushrooms with truffle oil, I think.

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          Stopped by Despana recently and was very intrigued by their bocadillos. Do any of the bocadillos stand out at Despana?

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            All of them are great-serrano and cabrales; sobrasada; chorizo and manchego; lomo and honey-can't remember all the combos but they're all great.

        3. I was very underwhelmed by my roast pork sandwich at the Bryant Park kiosk - which I settled on only after they'd run out of my 1st choice pastrami and 2nd choice roast beef. Definitely not worth $10, and this after I'd asked for their suggestion and received the open-ended answer "Everything is good/popular on our menu, etc etc."

          Is their Bryant Park location naturally less superior than their actual in-store locations? Maybe they deserve another go..

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            I also had the roast pork at the Bryant Park kiosk and was pretty disappointed with it. As for other choices, I like the fontina and trumpet mushrooms, the pastrami, and the marinated anchovies with soft-cooked egg.

          2. I had a great Pork Loin sandwich recently at Market Cafe (9th Ave & 37th). It is served with smoked mozzarella and bread & butter pickles on toasted white country bread. Outstanding!

            1. Mangia (57th bwteen 5th and 6th) is great sandwich fare...

              1. Had a decent croque monsieur at Dishes. Their other sandwiches look interesting.

                1. Mrs. GG is addicted to 'Wichcraft and I join her occasionally. Best 3 sandwiches are 1.the fontina and black trumpet mushrooms with truffle oil; 2. the bacon, frisee, fried egg and gorgonzola ( a favorite of Roadfood's Jane and Michael Stern); and 3. gruyere and caramelized onions. I recently tried the latter for the first time and it was like having an onion soup sandwich! Delicious.

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                    I agree on the bacon, frisee, fried egg, and gorgonzola; it is too die for.


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                      Yup, I can't order anything else when I am there except when I am eating more than one sandwich.

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                        i have to say that i find the sandwiches at wichcraft VERY poor and expensive, especially the pork ones. i had the sandwich this thread describes when that location opened and i found it very mediocre, so I never went back. I buy products regularly at DespaƱa but i havent tried their sandwiches, i will try them very soon...

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                          Despana is a whole different league. try the lomo bocadilla. In fact, I even prefer Bread to 'Wichcraft but you can't always get what you want.

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                      I'm with you on #2 and #3. And, 'wichcraft delivers. For a while I'd get the bacon/egg sandwich as my breakfast on Saturdays, with some nice freshly squeezed OJ.

                    3. Love WichCraft. Their chickpea sandwich is incredible when they press it. Also, their carrot soup with vanilla oil is to die for.

                      1. I go to the Witchcraft on 8th too and I love the meatloaf sandwich. It is served with cheddar cheese, roasted tomatoes and bacon. And although the bacon is great, I have discovered that I like it even better without the bacon! You get to taste the meatloaf more (and the guilt factor is lower) a great hangover lunch (hmm, idea).

                        I also like the grilled cheddar with apple, and the turkey with bacon and avocado.

                        1. I highly recommend the Super Heeb Sandwich at Russ & Daughters. Amazing.

                          1. My favorite sandwich places are D'espana, Alidoro on Sullivan St., and Sullivan St. Bakery. They all use great bread and have the perfect ratio of tasty fillings to bread.


                            1. My favorite thing to do at wichcraft is to get any of the sandwiches on greens (instant salad!), especially with the chicken/pesto/roasted pepper combo. It's something that isn't on the menu but they'll know what you're talking about behind the counter. Only problem is their only dressing is a buttery lemon. Doesn't really go well with any of their choices.

                              1. Sign of the times. They discontinued the fontina, black mushroom and truffle oil (too expensive) and substituted a pork loin tonnato sandwich which is very good if you need a quick tonnato fix.

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                                  Thanks to Time Out Magazine I tried the anchovy, soft egg, frisee, caramalized onion on country bread--basically a salad nicoise substituting the marinated anchovies for the tuna-absolutely delicious!

                                2. Porchetta on 7th btw 1st and A. mm just got ranked #1 on TimeOut's 100 best things we ate this year. I can vouch, though I prefer their pork/veggies plate cause I can stay healthy (woo). But the sandwich is great. It's small inside, but it doesn't look like anybody cares, since the food is good.