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Dec 26, 2006 10:32 PM

Great sandwich at 'Wichcraft

I had a great lunch at 'Wichcraft (8th Street location) today: The slow roasted pork on a caibatta roll. It was so delicious --all the ingredients just worked and it was worth the rather lengthy wait and somewhat high price. But that's what seperates a good snadwich from a great one. Does anyone have any other great sandwich places to recommend? Or other 'Wichcraft chioces to try?

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  1. They're expensive but the sandwiches at Starwich are amazing. I used to live by the 42nd and 10th Avenue one, but there are others around the city (53rd/Lex and 38th/6th are two others I know about). There is a filet mignon sandwich with caramelized onions and a garlicky spread that is heavenly - crusty bread, warm steak and sweet onions are just a perfect blend (though ask them to go easy on the aioli as sometimes it may make the bread too soggy).

    Lots of made to order choices - also if you like tomato soup and grilled cheese, they have a soup with the sandwich already cut up in the soup. The soup is almost spaghetti sauce thick but rich, a bit spicy, and definitely filling!

    1. Try the Fontina and truffled mushrooms. Better is Despana and Bread.

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        Would totally vouch for the Fontina and truffled mushrooms!

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          technically black trumpet mushrooms with truffle oil, I think.

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          Stopped by Despana recently and was very intrigued by their bocadillos. Do any of the bocadillos stand out at Despana?

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            All of them are great-serrano and cabrales; sobrasada; chorizo and manchego; lomo and honey-can't remember all the combos but they're all great.

        3. I was very underwhelmed by my roast pork sandwich at the Bryant Park kiosk - which I settled on only after they'd run out of my 1st choice pastrami and 2nd choice roast beef. Definitely not worth $10, and this after I'd asked for their suggestion and received the open-ended answer "Everything is good/popular on our menu, etc etc."

          Is their Bryant Park location naturally less superior than their actual in-store locations? Maybe they deserve another go..

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            I also had the roast pork at the Bryant Park kiosk and was pretty disappointed with it. As for other choices, I like the fontina and trumpet mushrooms, the pastrami, and the marinated anchovies with soft-cooked egg.

          2. I had a great Pork Loin sandwich recently at Market Cafe (9th Ave & 37th). It is served with smoked mozzarella and bread & butter pickles on toasted white country bread. Outstanding!

            1. Mangia (57th bwteen 5th and 6th) is great sandwich fare...