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Dec 26, 2006 10:28 PM

What to make with Duck Confit?

I accidentally posted this on the wrong board....

For New Year's eve I am planning on a special dinner that will have as its main course, Duck Confit, pan seared.

I have the duck and duck fat and now need to figure out some appropriate sides. I had in mind a salad, something light and tangy that might contrast well with the salty rich duck. And I also like the idea of something a little heartier, maybe potatos, or possibly a rice dish.

Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions.


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  1. I had a warm composed salad based on duck confit at a lovely restaurant and since tasting it have replicated it at home with different variations. the basic components are basically the lovely seared confit, potatoes and a salad, exactly what you have.

    the confit is so rich, keep it simple, i say. Since you have the duck fat, I'd roast the potatoes in it. And for a salad, curly frisee or belgian endive, something with bite in texture and flavor, tossed in a dijon vinaigrette. I'm talking the seedy rustic variety that provides enough astringency and pungency to balance out all the fat and starch on the plate. Plus, the potatoes are delicious when mingled with the vinaigrette.

      1. My friend had a rich meal and made a green salad made with Italian parsely, curly parsely and mint. The dressing was lemmon juice, evoo, salt and pepper. It was a nice contrast to the rich duck

        Wild rice is nice with duck

        I also love cauliflower

        1. pommes sarladaises- potato disks the size and thickness of 3 quarters, cooked in the goose fat with garlic and parsley.