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Dec 26, 2006 10:22 PM

Landry's in Tampa

Is this restaurant worth a visit for dining ? If not, where would anyone recommend for this type of food?

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  1. I have not been to Landry's in years because I tend to think of it as a seafood place geared towards tourists.
    If you want a nice place for fish I would recommend Mystic Fish on Tampa Rd in Palm Harbor or maybe Catch 23 over in Westchase.

    1. Landry's is a pretty place to eat. Not much culture to the dishes but they can prepare a Sea Bass 8 different ways (my favorite is with the pontchartrain sauce). If you could care less about ambience or romantic views, then SKipper Smokehouse N Nebraska Ave & Skipper Rd) is where the best catch is at. If you're single then Mangroves in South Tampa is a great place to hang out AND get a great dish!

      1. I haven't been to a Landry's in years, but the chain was disappointing in my experience. If you'd like great seafood with a great view to go with it, I'd head over the causeway to Island Way Grill on Clearwater Beach or Salt Rock Grill on Indian Shores. Both have standout food with great views to match. Catch 23 is hit-or-miss (I've had some great meals there, but my last experience there was disappointing) and I honestly think Mystic Fish is just okay (we were there the other night and while the food was fine--though uninspired--we were astonished by the poor service).

        1. If you do want chain seafood Mitchell's at Westshore Mall is pretty good for a chain.

          1. I took the fam to Landry's for Mother's Day buffet, adn was pleasantly surprised because I usually prefer my seafood joints "down and dirty". The view is nice, the restaurant very pretty, an the food is "good", but far from inspiring. It's the kind of place you go to for aniversaries, and graduations, and such; not just for a meal out. Other than that, you pay for the decorations. Apparently, they also offer free boxing matches (Staff vs. Drunken guests) , from time to time, but do not post show times.

            Skipper's is definitely the other end of the spectrum. If you were even contemplating Landry's (like for a big special occasion), then forget about Skippers. However, it is so laid back, there is virtually no danger of fisticuffs breaking out.

            I second Salt Rock Grill, for comparable ambience and better food.