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Dec 26, 2006 09:40 PM

Black eyed pea cassoulet

I'm thinking about making cassoulet or rather a variation of for New Year's Eve. My concern is over cooking the black eyes peas. I was thinking of using fresh instead of dried or canned because they are available. I'm from the south and it is good luck to eat the peas....Anyway, I think if they are simmered and not boiled I might have some luck. Any ideas?

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  1. I doubt that fresh peas will hold up well to the length of cooking -- and even the use of black eyed is a little dubious --- too small, wrong color, and not really "built" to absorb all the good things that a navy bean or flageleot will acquire in the cassoulet

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    1. re: seniorgriggle

      If I do use the black eyed peas I think you are right they will not hold up for all day cooking. And for that matter will not absorb that great flavor.

    2. Sounds like you are trying to kick it up a gourmet level of Hoppin John and I say Why Not?

      While I do not think that dried, and far more less fresh Black-eyed peas will retain their shape and body in the standard cooking process, as you say, you are open to a variant. So why not start the cassoulet standard, re the meats and add the black-eyed at a later point to match their less cooking time.

      And if fresh are available, sure use those if it is convenient for you. Just give them a shorter stew time.

      Just don't lose sight that allthis should be fun and good for the cook as well as the guests, so if you are stressing too much, are ya sure it is worth it?

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        My plan was to have something made ahead and flavorful. Orginally I planned on making cassoulet then I remembered that I needed to have some black eyed peas over the weekend too. Was trying to kill two birds with one stone. I do think I could prepare my meats...and then cook the bean/peas. It will make a tasty dish inspired by cassoulet.

      2. I'm not really stressing. I'm just a little tired of eating and drinking. We have five couples coming out to our lake house for New Year's Eve and I may resort to some catering. Or when my guests ask, I'll really take them up on their offer to bring something.

        Perhaps I'll save cassoulet for later date.