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Dec 26, 2006 09:37 PM

Food Carts, Any Recommendations?

Does anyone have a favorite food cart in Portland? Aside from Pok Pok—which is fabulous.

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  1. I like the NEW Taste of India on 5th between Stark and Oak. Not the REAL Taste of India that's on the same strip. Also Indian is the Chaat House on SW 12th and Yamhill which is all vegetarian.

    ExtraMSG will probably chime in and direct you to the Food Cart Directory on

    1. No Fish Go Fish on SW 5th/Yamhill. Japanese style fish-shaped grilled cornmeal with fillings that are not Japanese.

      Great soup!

      1. New Taste of India on 4th near PSU campus totally rocks. I also like Basha's, right in the middle of the PSU campus for excellent middle eastern food. And I know it's been cited many times before, but the taco cart at Denver and Killingsworth serves tacos on homemade tortillas - mmmmmmm!

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          That location is run by the same people as the one on 5th & Stark, is it not?

        2. I primarily go to taco trucks. My favorites are mostly in the outlying areas, like 82nd and beyond or Beaverton and beyond. However, there's one at Denver & Killingsworth that's very good, 3 Hermanos. Love their birria de chivo. There's another at Division and 30th that's almost as good by the same family. There's a newish one at 50th and Division that specializes in carne asada and does the best version I've had in town. For Indian carts, I really like India Chaat House. I haven't tried New Taste of India.

          You should check out Mmm-yoso's reports on Portland. If you scroll down there's a bunch on carts:

          Also, there's a great map done by Dyepot, Teapot blog:

          And on, there's a taco cart directory thread:

          1. I agree the New Taste of India is outstanding. The Chicken Tikka Masala is incredible.