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Dec 26, 2006 09:09 PM

What goes with Duck Confit?

Hi All,

For New Year's eve I am planning on a special dinner that will have as its main course, Duck Confit, pan seared.

I have the duck and duck fat and now need to figure out some appropriate sides. I had in mind a salad, something light and tangy that might contrast well with the salty rich duck. And I also like the idea of something a little heartier, maybe potatos, or possibly a rice dish.

Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions.


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  1. Consider orzo instead of rice, and sear the uncooked orzo in a bit of the duck fat prior to the introduction of water or (duck)broth...

    1. A classic pairing is pommes sarladaise -- potatoes cooked in duck fat. Typically best made with older potatoes, cut in irregular discs and oven-roasted or cooked in a big frypan on the stove. Add some thinly sliced garlic near the end, turn occasionally and cook until nice and done. If you happen to have some fresh black truffles handy, you could liberally grate them over the dish. Ha!

      Or serve on a bed of lentils, or white beans...check out some recipes for Cassoulet. Try a red wine from Cahors to wash it all down!

      1. a nice salad will go lovely--try cooked endive wrapped in ham and rolled with a bechemel sauce

        1. I've had duck confit with pumpkin risotto before, and it was a fall/winter match made in heaven.

          1. a warm lentil salad with tangy vinagrette to "cut" the fat