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Dec 26, 2006 09:02 PM

Leftover salmon?

I have a nice piece of poached salmon that I'd like to use for dinner tonight. I don't feel like eating it cold, but I don't have any good ideas for hot dishes. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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  1. i keep seafood stock and clam juice on hand. It think I would be tempted to make a rich creamy chowder (it is cold here tonight) and add the salmon, flaked at the end to gently heat. Salad, some crusty baguette and I'd go to bed happy.

    1. I make Salmon patties or croquettes with left over salmon. I usually serve it with either just some fresh squeezed lemon, or with a Sorrel sauce.

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        I do mine w/ a mango sauce. Half a mango in the blender, honey or maple, lime juice, hot sauce, and drizzle in some olive oil to emulsify a bit.

      2. In a cream sauce or bechamel, adding other things if you choose such as mushrooms, peas, bell pepper, dill, etc.
        Serve over noodles, black bread toast or if you have time, make savory waffles. I make them with a little rye flour and dried dill weed added to the mix. Lots of little pockets to hold the sauce.

        1. I'm with halimundy - I love salmon croquettes. But I also might go with salmon in scrambled eggs and a nice piece of toast. Not a bad quick hot dinner.

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            Yep - "omelet" was my first thought.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. They're that wellknown? Now I feel out of it.

              1. I know, I did click on the link. It was quite a surprise. Why that particular name? Why not Cold Pizza? Or Almost Empty Catsup Bottle?