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Looking for the best steakhouse in Toronto

Hey fellow Chow Hound-ers
I'm sure there was already a thread about his already but...
My family's in townfor the hoildays, and my dad is itching to go to a steakhouse to get all those things my mom frowns upon him eating: the 24-ounce steaks with a lobster, the whipped potatos with butter, the creamed spinach dripping with cream washed down a big, lovely,lingering bourdeaux... you know, that indulgent stuff my mom is convinced even one tiny bite will lead to a shortened lifespan. SO, fellow gastrnomes, where would you go for that perfect steakhouse experience with the perfect steak to match??

P.S. I actually have a personal fav in the Tulip. But they don't so much do the Lobster thing!

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  1. Well, if money is no object, try Harbor 60 at the bottom of York St. I believe, and Lakeshore (by the old Harbor Commission building).


    1. In no particular order:
      Harbour 60
      Ruth's Chris
      La Castille
      House of Chan

      1. harbour 60 first place

        ruth chris second (far second)

        morton last

        have yet to try the rest

        1. I'm curious if anyone's been to Houston's lately? I heard when they first opened up that there were some problems. Anyone been there recently?

          As for others... Bardi's and the Tulip top my list. Keg will do - average, but at least they're consistent.

          1. Barberian's is classic... great old-school atmosphere and you'll definitely be able to find a good Bordeaux..

            Very dad-appropriate.


            1. I've heard from many that Harbour 60 is the best in the city but have yet to try it myself. Based on the menu it would be my first choice assuming its in your price range.

              Aside from that... some other suggestions echo the above:

              Le Castille
              Ruth's Chris
              House of Chan

              1. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/323054

                This is the thread you're looking for. My personal favorite is Barberians. Ruth's Chris was mediocre on my first, and last, visit. My wife rates Harbour 60 highly.

                1. Allow me to place another vote for Barberian's. Class, style, and quality in a relaxing upscale atmosphere. A list of Bordeaux' as long as both of your arms. Your mother may even approve.

                  1. Agreed, Barberians is the best, Ruth's Chris is over-rated... but interestingly enough "Senior's Steakhouse" has yet to be mentioned! Terrible decor (typical steak house), fun/family servers, lots of wine and possibly the BEST steak in TO. Look for it, on Yonge, just south of St. Clair.

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                      While I wouldn't place Seniors in the Pantheon of steakhouse greats, it has been reliably good and remarkably reasonable for decades. You want the second floor dining room!

                    2. I'll second Seniors as a described and a worthy contender.
                      Hy's is the best though.

                      1. yummmmmmmmm... Ruth's Chris... *salivating* .... Butter Steak

                        1. Barberians
                          Black Angus (little known Etobicoke establishment)
                          Le Castille

                          1. I love Barberians. Carman's is good, too.

                            1. Thanks for the info all!! Just quickly letting you guys know that you're totally right :) My dad LOVED Barberians- Really, truly a great steak. THe lobster that came to the table was three pounds. We actually took the carcass home and madea lobster bisque. Me and my dad's inner carnivore thanks you ;)

                              1. Any thoughts about Tom Jones (the steakhouse that is)?

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                                  I haven't been for so many years it wouldnt be fair to comment but I hope there are some very current encounters that can be reported.

                                  I love my steakhouses!

                                  Please share some insights fellow hounders and please try to share some specifics like when and what you had. Much appreciated!!