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Dec 26, 2006 08:45 PM

Reasonably-Priced Sushi Made by Japanese-speaking Chef?

Moved back to Toronto for over a year now but never got the motivation to look for really good sushi. Having lived in NYC for the past 8 years (and San Francisco where there is a Japan Town), Toronto's Japanese food just seems like a wasteland of AYCE or so-so sushi by Chinese or Korean proprietors. There is no large Japanese diaspora that I seem to be aware of, compared to Chinese, Korean, Indian, etc. I think I've been to some small Japanese mall up in North York, and a couple of scattered Japanese stores on Queen West and Dundonald/Yonge.

So ... can anyone at Chowhound point me to where I can find sushi that is reasonably priced and not made by someone who doesn't even speak Japanese. I'm tired of going to the same old cookie-cutter sushi joint where the only thing that is Japanese are the names of the menu items. I guess I just don't have the constitution to comb through Toronto when I can rely on the suggestions of others...

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  1. If you live downtown, 'Japango' on Elizabeth should meet you criteria. The entire establishment is Japanese run and the price is very reasonable. If you are willing to travel then try out 'Zen' in Scarborough. It has Japanese master sushi chefs manning the sushi bar and again price is good unless you want to opt for exotics like mirugai. Happy chowing!

    1. Toshi Sushi on King Street. Kaji Sushi is the best, but more expensive.

      1. On the Danforth, there's Sakawaya and Aji Sai. On Yonge, south of Davisville, there's I Zu. The ones on the Danforth I frequented regularly when I lived in the neighbourhood. Sakawaya in particular has a great menu. When I worked on Merton Street, it was a treat to go to I Zu for lunch. Great, friendly staff and I adored having their Nabeyaki noodle soup on a chilly day (and their Age Dango on the lucky times when they had them).

        1. Sushi Kaji Queensway, Hiro and Toshi Sushi King st W.
          Ematei, Japango downtown
          Mikado Leaside
          Zen, Le cafe Michi Scarborough
          Hama, Miyabi Markham

          I suggest Mikado or Michi.

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            Jack, the sushi chef at Michi is 'Chinese'!!

          2. yes, but he does speak japanese as requested