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Dec 26, 2006 08:29 PM

Anyone Know this Bloomingdales Brand?

I just (as in this morning) purchased a 13-piece set of Bloomingdales Professional stainless steel cookware by All-Clad. All brand-new, in the box, for $200.00.
So, where's the catch? I can't find the item online.

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  1. This is great cookware. It was made especially for Bloomingdale's by All Clad (though not in the US).

    I tried one piece and was very pleased. Have since given this set to two newly married couples. I'm not sure why Bloomingdale's is discontinuing this line, but I think you found a great deal. Enjoy!

    1. I am also sorry it's not online, as I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a set for myself! I was given a set many Christmases ago. It is Wonderful: the only thing I disliked was, the handles were a bit too long (I kept them in roll-out drawers). Now I have moved and have a potrack, so handle length isn't a big deal, pans were stolen!!!
      If I knew you, Deej, I'd pay you to go back & get me a set...this is really a downer.
      But the pans are a joy to used and clean up; I am sure you will be happy with them..

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      1. re: genie

        Call Bloomingdales, and have them sent. Not being online doesn't mean you can't purchase them at the sale price. I've done this with lots of things.

        Here's their number -1-866-593-2540

        Now, SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. re: genie

          Is this what you're talking about?

          It's for sale online:

        2. Considering a new All Clad stainless 12" skillet is over $100, I just wonder if the quality is the same. A 13 piece set for $200 sounds very cheap for true All Clad.

          Howeverm if it works fine. Just seems like a very low price for All Clad.

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          1. re: rtmonty

            As I mentioned above, this cookware is not made in the US. I'm sure there are some differences in construction. But it is great stuff at a great price. Especially for those starting out or who can't spend so much for regular All Clad.

          2. I saw the sales table for this cookware at the Chicago Bloomingdales home store. It does seem to be a very good bargain at these prices...howeever...

            It is made by All Clad, but the important thing to realize is that the pieces are not fully clad. They are stainless steel with a sandwiched aluminum/copper disk on the bottom. That is fundamentally different from what one assumes when the name "all clad" is thrown about.

            1. Deej, what comes in the 13 piece?

              I was at Bloomingdales yesterday and snatched 2 saucepans for $60 total. Cooked with the larger last night and was extremely satisfied. Basically made my day.