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Dec 26, 2006 08:12 PM

West Palm / Jupiter - Best restaurants in area?

Over a week ago asked for what's good in both WPB and Jupiter areas... no replies.

There's gotta be somethin good around. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. WPB has got several but I'll leave those to some others (who are better qualified). Now in Jupiter -- I'll suggest a few. First is a place called "Too Bizare". This is a very unique place. Incredible wine list/menu, by the bottle and by the glass. A variety of beers as well. Nice bar area, small. Great menu, from appetizers/tapas to full-blown entrees. I've never ordered a steak there but I will say that everything I've had has been great. Great atmosphere -- artwork all over the walls and in addition to some of the traditional tables and chairs, there are also seating areas, corners, etc. with couches cocktail/living room tables, and the like. There is an area right when you walk in that is designed to be an idoor patio/deck area. Very nice decorations and design.

    Some of the areas look like a very nice, ecclectic living room. Great place! Interesting side note -- everything -- artwork, tables, chairs, couches, etc. -- everything is for sale!

    There is also a steakhouse, toward the south end of Jupiter on US 1, called BarryMore's. Very nice place, nice environment, very good food. Not just steaks either.


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      Thanks Eric. Too Bizarre sounds very interesting. Odd that I can't find any info on this place when I google it, that's bizarre.

      Hope to check it out though.

    2. Strongly recommend City Cellar in City Place in West Palm Beach for great food, drinks and atmosphere.

      1. cpalaw -- City Place has got some great restaurants, don't they? I haven't been there in quite some time so I am not current/up to date.


        1. Try a google search with "Too Bizarre" or "Too Bizare" as the exact phrase, and "Jupiter" in "any words". Also, check out variations such as "Bizarre Too" or something else. It's hit and miss. I don't think a lot will turn up but go there.



          1. Too Bizaare is the sister restaurant to the original restaurant, the Bizaare Avenue cafe. The cafe is located in downtown Lake Worth (and personally, I think it has more charm). The Jupiter location is in a strip mall, while the Lake Worth one is built in a renovated older building right near the downtown area.

            Here are websites for both:



            Both places serve excellent, reasonably-priced food, but do not take reservations.

            Another great place to go (I'm assuming you're doing dinner) would be 32 East on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. Menu changes daily, but food is stellar. More expensive than any of the Bizaare restaurants, but well worth it (plus, you can walk around downtown Delray when you're done).


            Also, if you're in the mood for really upscale dining, Paradiso in downtown Lake Worth is arguably the finest dining Palm Beach County offers (and was recently mentioned in a New York Times article about $40 appetizers!) I've never been there but I hear it's well worth the cost.


            Good luck, and happy eating!

            p.s. None of these are too far from the beach, which means you can swing a trip to the ocean while you're at it!

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            1. re: yummyindatummy

              Finally tried Pardisio this weekend. A very large restaurant and not crowded on a Friday night. The service was excellent, personable, knowledgeable but informal. They have a tasting menu that is exceptionally priced ($48 for four courses and I think it was something like $78 for seven) especially compared to the ala carte pricing; but the oddest thing about their tasting menu was that not only did everyone at the table have to order the tasting menu; but weirdly and inexplicably, everyone had to order the same exact choices within the tasting menu. We were a party of five and this made it virtually impossible to do. The maitre d' was very accomodating to some degree and made a modest accomodation since the five of us couldn't agree on each course, so long as at least four of us agreed on the same thing. Putting that oddity aside, the four courses we had ranged from fair to excellent...the scallop course (one large sea scallop) was very tasty, the ravioli course (2) average, the monkfish slightly overcooked, and the duck breast (3 small pieces) delicious. Overall, the food presentation was lovely to look at; but certainly not the "finest dining" experience referred to yummy in the above post. One nice touch was a complimentary glass of champagne upon seating. The wine list rivals that of Berns in size and scope although very few wines are moderately priced. The sommelier was very knowledgeable and made some nice recommendations; although one gal in our party felt she was unjustifiably upcharged/upsold for a glass of pinot grigio. Would I return? Most likely with a smaller group of people to again try the tasting menu with less hassle. The comfort level of the restaurant and service made for an enjoyable evening out.

              1. re: zook

                Any place that serves a tasting menu almost always requires that the entire party order it. This isn't "odd" at all and is in fact standard.

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                  The restaurants at City Place mostly suck. I'm really surprised nobody mentioned Forte di Asprinio. Or Maison Carlos, both in west palm on Clematis.

                2. re: yummyindatummy

                  Paradiso has a "sister" restaurant in Jupiter called Buenasera . If they are similar in food quality I would stay away. Buenasera is very expensive and the quality of the food stinks.