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Dec 26, 2006 08:01 PM

BYOB in South Philadelphia - Looking for comparison of L'Angolo, Tre Scalini, and August

My older daughter and son-in-law who currently live in Boston as well as our younger daughter who is a vegetarian will be joing us for dinner probably Thursday night. We would like to combine the dinner with a post-Christmas visit to my husband's elderly aunt who lives in South Philadelphia. We have been to L'Angolo twice (although not recently) and enjoyed it very much but I thought I read somewhere the chef had changed. We have never been to the other two restaurants although as a loyal reader (and sometimes poster) on the board, I knew there was a less than favorable review of Tre Scalini recently and also that they are moving so not sure if this is a good time to go. August seems to have gotten favorable reviews on the board. Would appreciate any comments from someone who has been to at least two of the three and any recommendations. Also if there is another place you like even better.

By the way older daughter will eat fish (not shrimp though) but not any land animals and younger daughter will not eat any animals but will eat dairy products. Thank you.

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  1. I believe Tre Scalini is closed until after the new year.

    1. We like all three of these places very much. They are different, and fill different needs.

      Here is the website for August:
      Take a look at the menu and see if there would be good choices for your daughters. If not, I would go back to L'Angolo, which you liked. There is more than one person cooking there, and it's probably fine.

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