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Dec 26, 2006 07:56 PM

Vosges truffles - are they worth it, and what are your favorites?

As a small (but expensive) gift to myself, I've been considering buying a 16 piece box of Vosges truffles. The price, yes - it's daunting, but I'm willing to fork out the cash if they're worth it. Unfortunately, I don't believe they are sold anywhere close to me (in the D/FW area of Texas), so I'll have to have them shipped. I'm not interested in the chocolate bars or any of their other products at this time, strictly truffles.

My first question is - are they really worth the price? I'm very interested in sampling the more exotically-flavored truffles.

Secondly, what flavors do you think are exceptional?

I'm also willing to look at other brands of exotic truffles, so any suggestions?


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  1. QueenB,

    Though the selection may be slim after the Christmas rush, Neiman Marcus carries Vosges. I'd call the Northpark store and see what they have in stock. You'd be stuck with whatever pre-boxed assortments they have, since they don't sell them loose. But it would give you an idea of what to expect from the brand.

    Lots of stores around Dallas carry the Vosges bars, including Central Market, Sur la Table, and some World Market locations. Both Sur la Table locations have also had some of the Vosges caramels near the registers recently--e.g., gray sea salt, smoked salt, etc. The bars, particularly, would give you an idea of the types of flavors you can expect from the truffles.

    Good luck.


    1. I was at the new Whole Foods at Preston Forest recently looking for the Vosges bars (which they currently do not carry) but the manager suggested I go to the candy department as they did carry Vosges truffles and I might find something I liked. Well I did check out that portion of the store just for grins although I was not interested in the truffles at that time and they did have a selection. You can buy them by the piece or by weight and they may have had some small prepackaged boxes as well.

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      1. re: queenie

        I wandered into a fancy department store in Tulsa in early March and they had one box of Vosges Valentine' Day truffles at 75% off. Yeah, it was worth it! Neiman Marcus might do the same if they have any left after Christmas or Valentine's Day.

        1. re: Brian S

          You can order boxes from the website, I think vosgeschocolatesdotcom. I am a fan of the bars, but having had a few of the truffles, I don't really think they are worth the price. I was excited to try the "Rooster" truffle with taleggio cheese, but it didn't have as much cheese flavor as I expected. I'd say don't bother unless you are terribly interested in specific flavors you can't find in another company's truffle.

        2. re: queenie

          Scott or queenie,
          Do either of you know any places closer to where I'm at (near the DFW airport)? If not, I'll make the trek over. I'm still a little lost when I drive around here. Thank goodness I have a map.

          1. re: QueenB

            I'm sorry but I don't know anyplace around the airport - I meant to ask where you were. If you trek over to WF - bring an ice chest and do some grocery shopping. The Preston Forest store is their new concept store - the 2nd floor is a complete spa so you can treat yourself to a massage while you are there....It is a pretty straight shot if you take 635 east to the Preston exit and just go south on Preston till you get to Forest. It is on the southeast quadrant.

        3. I LOVE Vosges truffles and always buy them when I'm at Neiman Marcus, or - better yet - at the Vosges store in Caesar's Palace, LV.

          The exotic, dark chocolate and caramel collections are my favorite, although all the chocolates (bars included) are divine. The outside shells have just the right delicate dimension, and a bite reveals smooth, smart combinations of unique flavors. The spicy ones, topped with green tea or chili powder, for example, meld tastes that bring memories of my vacations back east!

          1. Whenever I am in SoHo, I go to the Vosges store. I especially love the Red Fire Bar Chocolate Bar with Mexican ancho and chipotle chillies and cinnamon! Yum! I have loved everything that I have tried.

            1. Forgot to mention the d'Olivia bar - dried kalamata olives with white chocolate - just had a piece.

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              1. re: pacz

                I really like that one, and I didn't expect to. It's great, it doesn't taste like white chocolate or olives at all, just deliciousness.

                1. re: annimal

                  This sounds so interesting...and good.

                  1. re: QueenB

                    It is! I like it so much that I have ordered it from the website 3 times in the past few months. If you like a sweet/salty combo, you should try it. I also like the Naga bar with curry in it. Sooo good. I have had a few of their truffles, and found them good but not great. I prefer the bars, actually.

                2. re: pacz

                  I had one in my Christmas stocking! I didn't expect to like it, as white chocolate is usually WAY too sweet for me. Though there were moments the sweetness was strong, this bar really does white chocolate well. The salty, dry olives are a perfect counterpoint, and it's a winner. I'm going to look for them, as I was told Santa found it at Whole Foods.