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Dec 26, 2006 07:20 PM

fish restaurant in aventura

does anybody know name of a very good fish restaurant on biscayne...chef is a fisherman...saw an article recommending it but can't remember name thanks!

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    1. re: lax2mia

      thankyou so much...have you eaten there and is it worth the visit?

    2. Went a long time ago. Haven't gone back because it's a little out of the way. I remember we got there at 8:30 but the place was emptying out. It's definitely on Aventura time.

      The place was decent enough. Nothing spectacular but solid. Here's a link to the site.

      1. Pilar is in the Promenade Shoppes in Aventura off Biscayne Blvd. I have eaten there multiple times. Good fish entrees, moderate prices, nice ambiance. BTW I tried the new Soup Man in the same strip mall today for lunch. Had very good corn chowder. They have many soup choices and also serve sandwiches and salads.

        1. any better suggestion for a strong fish place...informal great food moderate price but will also have non fish alternatives...could be anywhere from boca down to south beach...thanks for all the good info...also if possible somewhere where we could walk around afterwords.

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          1. plat>

            Follow your belly to


            Fish Joint. 2570 NE Miami Gardens Dr, · 305-936-8333
            Yakko-San17040-44 W Dixie Hwy North Miami Beach, FL (305) 947-0064
            Il Migliore Trattoria 2576 NE Miami Gardens Dr 305-792-2902


            Cafe Ragazzi, 9500 Harding Ave, Surfside, 305.866.4495
            La Goulue Restaurant 9700 Collins Ave. · Bal Harbour 305-865-2181


            River Oyster Bar 650 South Miami Avenue 305-530-1915

            South Beach:

            Joe's Takeaway 11 Washington Avenue 305-673-0365

            Much much beter...