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Dec 26, 2006 06:50 PM

spicy and tasty

have taken a look at other post's on spicy tasty they seem a little old so thought I would put this question out there. we are nine people 1 veg the rest meat eaters. can anyone suggest what dishes and how many we should get. we are pretty good eaters thanks in advance very excited to try this highly reccomended place

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would definitely get a few orders of the Dan Dan Noodles. They are an appetizer, so you will probably need to get more than one order. This is perhaps my favorite spicy noodle dish in the city. The spiciness is completely unique in that there is almost a cool edge to it; it exists in unison with the strong flavor, and doesn't dominate it. That, in conjunction with the excellent firm texture of the noodles makes this dish my current favorite at S&T, with the Tea Smoked Duck in second. Enjoy. P.

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        thanks love grand sichuan on 9th ave but ready to have even better hope I don't have to high expectations will report back

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          Your expectations are definitely not too high!

          I actually prefer the cold chili noodles to the Dan Dan noodles. There are a whole bunch of great cold dishes. Just get whatever interests you - you can look at most of them up front near the entrance. I really haven't gone wrong with any of the hot dishes, either.

        1. Oh yeah - I also recommend a dish, relatively new to the menu, called "Tasty Tofu" I believe. The slightly sweet taste is informed by a pork base, but this is a very light yet substantial dish. Other posters have raved about the Enhanced Pork and the Sesame Noodles, amongst other things. Hard to go wrong here. P.

          1. I always get shrimp with black bean sauce and they serve it on a bed of spinach..excellent....they used to have eggplant with hot GREEN pepper on menu but they took it was excellent, and you can still ask for it...make sure they know it's the eggplant in strips, with strips of GREEN Pepper, otherwise they will bring you eggplant with hot pepper, and that is a spicy mushy mess..and not good......agree on the cold hot chili noodles, amazingly good....the scallops with the turnips is great also, and they make that same sauce with chicken also...(I forget the name at the moment)....