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Where is a good place to buy fish?

I live in Brighton. I know that Whole Foods is pretty good, but are there any fishmongers around here?
Also, is Super 88 a good place to buy fish?

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  1. Try Wulf's on Harvard in Brookline. I don't recommend the shellfish (unsurprisingly, since they're in a largely Jewish neighborhood in the midst of a stretch of kosher restaurants and Judaica stores), but I've found the quality and price of the fish comparable to Whole Foods, and they're good about telling you what's particularly fresh and nice that day.

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      Oh...I know where that place is. Thanks-I'm going to stop by there.

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        Let us know what you think. I live near Wulf's but gave up on shopping there, I find the fish at Whole Foods in Brighton to be better quality.

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        Perhaps I'll give Wulf's another shot. Growing up in Brookline that was our family's go-to fishmonger. However, when I moved back to MA several years back I tried them twice, and found the quality sub par. One of the times I was getting pike and carp to grind for gefilte fish for the holiday so I know that their inventory had to be moving at that time.

      3. I have had good luck buying whole fish at Super 88 but you have to look carefully and be willing to insist on the one you want (which may take some work unless your Chinese language skills are better than mine, but they are pleasant and I have always had a good response). Their cut-up fish never looks that great to me.

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          i also buy whole fish at super 88 often. the live tilapia in the tank is fantastic. anything on ice i would take a close look at before purchasing because the quality varies.

        2. on saturday mornings sea to you is open for retail sale. i just went this past saturday for the first time and had a great experience. bought enough tuna, toro, hamachi and sweet shrimp to feed 7 people for $60. everything was super-fresh and delicious. they also had some whole fish like hirame, black bass and i believe snapper. it would be a bit of a trek from brighton if you don't have a car, but very do-able if you have one (parking is not really an issue around there).

          i like super 88 for live crabs. i've never bought fish from there though. they seem to have a nice selection though.

          1. If you are willing to drive over to Cambridge, try the New Deal Fish Market - it's in between Inman and Lechmere. A Portugeuse family has run the shop for ages now... and I think the quality is as good if not better than Wulf's.

            If you go in, ask for Carl - he's such a nice guy!

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              I recently met this young man. Very impressive fellow, a great deal of knowledge and skill. I enjoyed fresh sardines and freshly filleted flounder.

            2. Where is sea to you?? Captain Marden in Wellesley is a good place to buy fish but very pricey.They supply many restaurants.

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              1. I really like New Deal and Courthouse in E Cambridge..also James Hook..downtown.

                I used to be a fan of Wulf's and Sea to You but I think both have slipped in the past few years..still worth a trip; but not what they were.

                Sea to You is on the Fish Pier..next to No Name.

                New Deal carries a lot of sushi/sashimi items.


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                  Second Courthouse Fish in East Cambridge. Really good fish and excellent service.

                2. I actually ended up buying some frozen snapper at Trader Joe's. Wulf's was closed when I went by there.
                  I was a little worried about buying frozen, but in Mark Bittman's Fish cookbook, he says that the quality of frozen is often better than "fresh".

                  1. Super 88's cut up fish is often cut up the day of because customers may not be buying the whole fish. You do still want to check and be sure the piece has not been sitting out since morning though (or in case the fish wasn't that great to begin with). Aside from salmon, I often find the cut up fish to be of varieties not commonly eaten in Western cooking though. If you're looking for tuna, swordfish, and the likes, I think you're better off sticking to Whole Foods or a non-Chinese market.

                    Super88 does have Red Snapper, tilapia, flounder, bass, etc. that can be very fresh. One of the things I like that Chinese markets will sometimes carry is skate.

                    1. Court house on cambridge street is good - super 88 is good for fish still swimming and generally for shellfish - cut up is another matter - you have to look carefully - whole food is generally best for salmon particularly wild salmon - the star market on commonwealth (near the Super 88) is good for salmon and i would only shop there on tuesdays and wednesdays when I'm pretty sure the fish has come in fresh. i do not trust wulf's and legals is too expensive

                      1. I am so sad to hear about Wulf's. I used to love it. Last time I was there, the store was empty with fewer types of fish.

                        I do go there each spring to buy fish to make gefilte fish. The fish has always been great. Probably more of the observant Jews in the neighborhood buy their fish across the street at The Butcherie where no shellfish is sold, and Mr. Wulf has lost alot of business.

                        1. I get my fish at Yankee Lobster next door to the Bank of America Pavillion on Northern Ave.
                          Can't be beat for freshness.

                          1. Didn't the woman who represents Globe Fish Co regularly attend the Brookline Farmer's market? Its offseason now, but it seems like there is a demand and in Lexington for the past couple of years they have arranged to have her go to Busa Farms every tuesday. Perhaps if someone talked to the organizers of the market (or maybe emailed Globe) something could happen.

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                              I didn't know where she was from, but there certainly was a woman selling excellent fresh fish at the Brookline farmer's market. (Sadly, this won't be useful information till about Memorial Day at best!)

                              I shop there on the way home from work, quite late in the afternoon, and my shopping with her got a lot easier when she told me that besides the walk-up trade she did, she had an e-mail list and you could pre-order. Her bluefish was outstanding, as were the big scallops. She had a fairly limited list, at least in the late fall when I started shopping with her - haddock, halibut, cod, wild and farmed salmon, bluefish, scallops, maybe another couple of things. (Tuna?) Much but not all locally fished.

                              I was a little disappointed when she told me that she never has mackerel because it requires special permitting to sell.

                            2. I second Captain Marden's in Wellesley. Great quality, variety and parking. It's good to get out of town now and then.