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Dec 26, 2006 06:19 PM

Jessie's Brooklyn Kitchen?

I think that's the name I saw on the new blue and yellow awning on the former Pepe Viola's on Smith 'n Baltic. Anyone have any info?

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  1. It is now open and the food is very good. Organic locally grown. Not open on weekends though as the owner has a successful catering business on weekends. Too bad. Definitely a good addition to Smith Street.

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    1. re: Patkay

      Is it a restaurant or a place to buy prepared foods to cook at home? I heard both and I'm not sure which is correct. Thanks.

      1. re: hercules q. einstein

        More like a cafe. Prepared foods you can eat there or take away. Had a spicy chicken lettuce thing that was pretty good.

    2. Have eaten there for lunch the last 2 days and I love it. Had the lunch special both days--yesterday was a fried eggplant sandwich--absolutely delicious! The eggplant was crisp and perfectly cooked, and it came with a fennel salad with strawberry dressing that was fantastic. Today I had the grilled wild salmon which was also perfectly cooked and SO GOOD. Jessie herself came out to say hello and is really nice. I think it's a great addition to the neighborhood--I'm glad to have something delicious and with fresh, local organic ingredients.

      They have seating inside, but I think it's mainly meant to be takeout. They're open for lunch and dinner weekdays and are opening on Saturdays this weekend. She's hiring delivery guys too. I'm really happy about this addition to the neighborhood!

      1. Ate there last night and the food was as good as anything I've had on Smith St including Grocery... Incredible braised duck leg with olives and preserved lemon and organic meatloaf... the collard greens were out of this world and they have never before found their way onto my plate. We ate there but could just as easily have taken it home. I think it's like a high end organic or natural take out... but H& H bagels, Sullivan St Bakery bread and super fresh ingredients and a menu that changes daily... I'm going to have to check out the menu on their web site on my way home from now on... I think the website is They have fun little kids meals as well during the day... good thing for the neighborhood. Welcome addition. Hope they last.

        1. I stopped by last week to pick up a side - I got a side of their potato mushroom bake - it was super-super tasty - it came with a mesclun salad - and the folks there really nice and fast in packing my to go order.

          1. The best catering in Brooklyn! I have had the best parties with her as the caterer. Her food is soooo good. It's like you cooked it yourself so your guests will be asking how you did it all! She recommends that you tell them that you did it!


            She's also a pleasure to work with. Very good at knowing what to give you and recommend and her prices are amazing!