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Dec 26, 2006 06:16 PM

Bham breakfast

I'm going to be up on Sat. morning. I've been to Bogue's and Chez Lulu (for brunch). Any other places to check out?

Ps: Is the pancake house in 5 points any good?

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  1. The Original Pancake House in 5 Points is not very consistent. In the 15 years I've lived in Birmingham, I've had some great meals there and then some horrible ones there with even worse service. Definitely avoid them during the rush on weekends--I'd say anywhere from 9:30ish to about 11:30. The wait is really bad.

    V. Richard's breakfast is pretty good, but I've had really inconsistent service there. I've had to wait over 40 minutes for my food when it's been really busy, even though there were people behind me that got their meals way ahead of me. That has also happened when it was fairly empty. They also stop serving b'fast at 10:30, which is a bit early to me on weekends. They have amazing cheese grits, though.

    1. Go to CedarPost Cafeteria in Centerpoint.The biscuits are scratch and heavenly.The white gravy is also very good.The white meat is wonderful,the waitress will call you "shug",your coffee will never go below half full.It is inexpensive.I eat for a couple days once a year in B'ham and this is on my very short list of do not miss.

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        Hey Scrumptious:

        Did you mean Cedar Point Cafateria or Cedar Post Restaurant. My google draws up two different names...

      2. All right! I'll give it a go! They have weekend hours, I asusume?

        1. I meant Cedar Post Restaurant.