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Dec 26, 2006 06:13 PM

Advance warning of NY Times review topic?

Pardon me if this is a dumb or frequently-asked question, but how do so many people seem to know, a day or two in advance, which restaurant the Times is going to review on Wednesday? I'd love to have that information but I can't seem to find the secret source. Thanks!

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  1. In Tuesdays paper they regularly list the restaurant to be reviewed the following day in the "coming attractions" feature....or you could check for his star odds.

    1. Thanks, Ben! I don't see that section in my copy of today's Times though, where is it? and seems to be on vacation.

      Anybody know what tomorrow's target is?

      1. Before I subscribed to the paper, I used to go online Tuesday evenings around the next day's Dining edition would already be up.

        1. The 'Tomorrow in the Times' feature moves from day to day; I don't know whether it has a specific rotation (on Mondays it's on page XX, on Tuesdays, page YY) or if they just stick it in wherever they have space. Anyway, today it's on the back page of the business section, page C10. "Restaurant Review: Sasabune Frank Bruni dines at the sushi bar on the Upper East Side that has arrived in New York from Hawaii by way of Los Angeles." Also in the Dining section will be 'The Year in Food' and a tasting of Tokaji Aszu, an 'unusual and little-known sweet wine from Hungary.' There's also teasers for movie reviews and an article on 'Soho in South Boston.'

          As of 9:28 Eastern time, tomorrow's Dining isn't online yet.

          1. I took last week's (Dec 20) restaurant review link, substituted 27 whenever I saw a 20... and voila! Tomorrow's review (even though tomorrow's dining section isn't online yet)