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Dec 26, 2006 06:09 PM

Where can I get good King Crab Legs in the Philly/S Jersey Area?

I'm looking for some good places in the Philly & South Jersey areas to go have some Alaskan King Crab Legs.

Does anyone have some suggestions or recommendations?

I am aware of Chickie’s n Pete’s (they're good too) but I was curious if there were some other good places to get them.



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  1. When I lived in SJ I used to go to an Asian buffet that had good crab legs. It is near the Deptford mall in a plaza with a Raymour and Flanagan furniture outlet. I would give the name, but I can't remember.

    Some days their crabs legs would be amazing. Sweet and lots of meat. Other days just so so. You really can't beat the price though. Especially for all you can eat!

    1. i had snow crab (not king, but they were on the menu) at dinardo's in old city... but you said you were familiar with chickie's & pete's, and as i just posted elsewhere they are my favorite.

      there is a place (carry-out only) that i have been dying to try on girard avenue, just east of broad street. it starts with an "h" but is practically never open. they advertise maryland, snow and king crab i believe.

      of course, i had to go googling "crab" in phila. the results yield many places i've never heard of. next stop: crab shack/house/bar expedition!!!

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        to clarify: the place i mentioned above, i drove by last night -

        heritage seafood house
        1238 w girard ave

        they advertise crabs, crab legs, and a bunch of other seafoody stuff that i forget. when i try calling the number listed (215-763-7714) i get a generic answering machine. they were not open when i drove by at 6pm last night, but i have seen them open on other weeknights. i'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

      2. This is going to sound bad, but the best Alaskan King Crab Legs that I have ever had were at the Outback in Reading PA. They were so fat and so positively succulent as to defy description.

        Well, twice they were like that. The last time I ordered there, they were smaller and dried out. So, I don't know If I just got lucky those two times or not.

        1. Don't tell anyone, but Merryfields on White Horse Pike in Oaklyn has fantastic crab legs - snow and king.

          1. It might be a bit of a drive for you but Bobby's Seafood on RT3 near West Chester does seafood well and decent prices also

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            1. re: Monoski

              Monoski, If this is the place with the rowboat out front (remember the bow of the boat was beyond the "setback" mandated by the PA DOT and instead of moving the, he just cut 2' off the bow?) it has been a Japanese restaurant for the past 2 years. We did like Bobby's though

              1. re: Hammie

                Thanks, I have not been there in a while (2 years would be my guess based on that info) I am going to miss that place.