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Dec 26, 2006 05:47 PM

best charcoal grill

looking to buy a news charcoal grill. love my webber but what something in addition to it that has a larger capacity. stainless steel with side tables would be a plus. even better would be a side burner that operates on gas for cooking sides. maybe i should just design one.

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  1. Put a 23" Weber kettle (gold - with the ash dumper) next to a decent gas grill - best of both worlds!

    1. There are so many choices and considerations.

      My priority is great taste + ease of use. After going through a couple models, I ended out with a Big Green Egg:

      Completely love it. It creates moist and flavorful steaks ribs and chicken, and equally importantly, temperature control is a breeze. It is like the Easy Button of charcoal grills.

      The other benefit of interest to chowhounders is you can easily take it to 700 degrees +, and with a pizza stone, 100% lump charcoal, and wood chunks of your choice, you have an ideal pizza oven.

      The ceramic dome very efficiently radiates heat, and it's miserly in its use of lump. Someone on their discussion forums created a spreadsheet to show how the cost savings in charcoal makes up for the extra cost of the Ceramic Egg (to justify getting another to his wife).

      A great resource on ceramic charcoal cooking as well as lump charcoal comparisons is
      (it's not porn...


      When I first saw it, I thought it was just too unusual, and bought a different model with many design flaws and very difficult to use and keep at a certain temperature. Read more about the egg, got one, and still love it.

      In Alton Brown's Good Eats segment on standing rib roasts, he used a ceramic plant pot above the roast to efficiently radiate the heat and help keep it moist. Bet he'd dig the Egg.

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        very interesting. i've being watching the egg phenom. for a while...around 8 years. for some reason i have not been compelled to get one. not sure why, although i think originally it was because of the limited cooking capacity. at that time i decided to go with a off-set smoker/grill with a cooking capacity of over 600 sft. but i must admit i need to take another look at the egg.

      2. Eggs are cool but expensive. My wife got me one of these for Father's Day last year:

        I love it. Just modified it so I can raise and lower the coals, and I'm going to add a rotisserie next.

        1. I had the opportunity to try one of these out last summer. Pretty sweet little setup:

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          1. re: LordOfTheGrill

            I own the performer and use it all the time. It's simply the best grill I've ever owned. Built well, great parts, the propane is cheap as can be, it's not terribly expensive, and it's easy to get going evenly. I don't have a single complaint about it. It probably gets used 3 times a week, even in freezing conditions.

            1. re: jpschust

              yes. i've been looking at the performer. great concept. when my 18.5" weber dies it will be replaced by the performer. my problem is finding a great second grill with high capacity.

          2. I bought a Brinkman dual zone grill from Sam's over the summer and absolutely love it.

            Check out Sam's if you get a chance, as I believe these are on clearance.

            Here's a link to a board where some guy posted pictures of his.


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            1. re: GDSinPA

              that looks great. i'm on the search for one now. thanks.