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Dec 26, 2006 05:31 PM

seeking good chinese near Hooksett NH area

Our Tsingtao house closed and we are currently without chinese food in the area that is half way decent. We loved the crab rangoons there and are looking for someplace similar. Must have good lo mein and just the basics. Nothing fancy, just good everyday chinese food in the Hooksett/Manchester NH area. Help!!

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    1. When we're in Manchester and want Chinese we go to a place recommended by a friend. Sorry, can't remember the name. From Elm St go up Hanover Street. It's near the stadium in a strip mall on your left. I think there's a Chinese grocery there, too, in the corner. Haven't had the lo mein. It's not fancy.
      In the Concord area we go to Schezuan Garden on Fisherville Rd in Penacook.

      1. Peking Garden 2 (I think?) on Elm is very good - -

        1. We really liked the Schezuen House on Valley St. (just across from old Gill Stadium). Heard great things about Lilac Gardens in Nashua (I think thats what it's called).

          1. Also Thousand Crane on Elm has authenic Chinese (Japanese & sushi too) dishes.