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Dec 26, 2006 05:14 PM

What to do with fully cooked sausages

For Christmas I received a gift of fully cooked, smoked breakfast sausage, one package of plain and another of maple flavored ( from Dakins Farm). What is the best way to heat these up?? I usually buy uncooked breakfast sausage and have never bought fully cooked. Should I fry it in a pan, broil it, nuke it???

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  1. depending on the size of the packages, you could portion it out and freeze some.

    i'd incorporate it into quiches, omelettes or frittatas--things where you'd normally have to pre-cook it anyway. (avoiding undue mess is always high on my cooking list :)

      1. I'd suggest the standard procedure for reheating fully cooked breakfast sausage. Reheat them in a skillet with some water until all the water evaporates. Turn them once and allow them to brown on both sides. Maybe all of ten minutes. I'm sure broiling and/or microwaving them would be fine too. They are pre-cooked afterall.

        1. Add to a nice marinara sauce...for a great pasta sauce
          sausage, green and red peppers, onions on french roll covered with cheese for great sandiches..speaking of
          sausage, fontina, basil pannini...

          1. Microwave is the simplest way of heating them, especially if only heating a portion for a meal. It can also avoid over cooking.

            However, if they appear to be a bit pasty when taken out of their package, then starting them in a fry pan with some water, followed by frying in their own fat, should improve flavor.