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Dec 26, 2006 02:44 PM

New source for great tamales in Brooklyn!

We went tamale hunting on Xmas eve which turned into a little adventure. We usually buy tamales from Don Paco Lopez Panaderia on 4th Avenue in Sunset Park, but early afternoon on Xmas eve the gates were closed. I'm wondering if they are out of business?? It seemed a bit early to have run out of tamales. After about a half hour of driving around in incredible traffic, we parked and wandered a bit, finding a restauarant which looks new - La Guera, on 5th Av. (I think between 47th and 48th, maybe 47/46). We walked in and they had a very organized operation right at the door, selling Oaxaquenos, mole, chicken, cheese, and sweet tamales. $1.00 each except for the Oaxaquenos, $1.50. They turned out to be really good, perhaps the best I've ever had in Brooklyn. Very tasty, large, well prepared masa, probably the closest I've ever come to L.A.-style tamales. I look forward to going back, but unfortunately forgot to ask about their tamale-making schedule. I'm hoping it's every weekend!

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  1. I believe La Guera is the place that expanded from Rico's Tamales, the well known tamale place in Sunset Park. Actually, the Rico's stand always had the name "La Guera" as well.

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      BTW, it's closer to 46th Street.

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        yeah, thats the place where the people that used to be in the shack have settled in.

    2. please post back about that tamal-schedule if you get it
      but I think they have something (not everything) seven days a week