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Dec 26, 2006 02:38 PM

mead in the city.....

Does anybody know where I might be able to purchase mead in Brooklyn or Queens? It's obvious that beer stores and supermarkets don't have it, and I haven't checked the liquor stores yet. It seems odd that to me that mead would only be available in liquor stores if thats the case.

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  1. If you're near Brighton Beach, try on the Avenue there. They should have some. I've bought bottles of mead from Ethiopian restaurants when I didn't want to make the trek to distant stores. I'm sure a lot of well-stocked liquour stores should have mead.

    1. LeNell's in Red Hook has it, and from quite a few producers.

      416 Van Brunt St.
      Brooklyn, NY 11231
      (718) 360-0838

      1. Why is it odd that mead would only be available in liquor stores? Pretty much any alcoholic beverage other than beer must be sold through a liquor store in the State of New York.

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        1. re: Woodside Al

          Because I think of mead as more of a beer than a wine.

          1. re: braankraayon

            Interesting. I have always thought of mead as being more of a honey wine, and have heard it referred to that way. But I really know nothing about how it's made, and I only had it once many years ago in Canada.

        2. Try Greenpoint Ave. Polish Meads are available in the wine and Liquor stores in that neighborhood. Good Hunting!

          1. Pete's on Atlantic very occasionally has it. I'd call and ask when they might get it next.