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Dec 26, 2006 02:32 PM

New Thai in Chelsea

Has anyone tried Chai Yo on 24th and 9th yet? Also any others in the neighborhood Chowhounders would recommend? Pad Thai on 16th and 8th is awful and the one in the Chelsea Market is ok but can be hit or miss. Know alot of people like it and in a pinch it works but overall am not that impressed.....


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  1. I think Pongsrii on 23rd just east of 7th is good. I've always like it and it usually gets favorable reviews on this board.

    1. Thai Chai Yo was such a pleasant surprise in a neighborhood with lots of Thai duds. It has nice-sized portions, a wide array of options, lots of veggie choices, and they know how to make the spicy dishes spicy yet flavorful. The green and masaman (musaman) curries were the biggest hits, but nothing that our group had was a dud. Consider it next time you have to wait for a table at Grand Sichuan, it's just a few doors down.

      1. I think you will be impressed with thai chai -yo. My favorite item on the menu is the yum yum calamari salad. The pad thai is good, however I always ask them to make it spicy and they never do. The green curry is very spicy - at least to my palate - but also good. Delivery is usually pretty quick.