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Dec 26, 2006 02:28 PM

restauarants near Victory Gardens Theatre

Have 7:30 pm tickets at Victory Gardens. Looking for suggestions for nearby restaurants for either before or after the play. A variety of price ranges would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. About a block and a half south of Victory Gardens is the Lincoln Park John Barley Corn at at 658 W. Beldon, Corner of Belden and Lincoln. It's my usual choice of a pre VG meal. The prices moderate, the quality good and the service friendly and reasonably fast. See its web site:

    1. Four Farthings for upscale bar food.
      Cafe Bernard for great rustic french.
      Vinci for "general" italian.

      1. Cafe Baba-reeba (Halsted and Armitage) has good tapas. It tends to be crowded though, so you might want to make a reservation since you have a time crunch.

        If you are considering Vinci (Halsted and Willow), instead go across Halsted to Boka for very good contemporary American food that's pretty expernsive. Or you could cross Willow and go to the Black Duck which has good burgers as well as fancier options at moderate prices. Both Boka and the Black Duck are very good at getting you out in time for the theater.