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Dec 26, 2006 01:05 PM

Center of The Plate Market in Glastonbury, CT

I have driven by this place a thousand times and never really noticed it until I was stuck in holiday traffic in front of it last week.

Is this place mainly a butcher? I was looking for somewhere to pick up some beef short ribs, would this place likely carry them? What other goodies do they have? I tried searching and didn't see a website for them.

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  1. We have only been in here a few times, but they are mainly a meat and fish store. They may also have a few prepared items. Their meats are very good, but it is pricey. Jay

    1. It's a high end butcher - organic/"natural" (i.e. Bell & Evans, Coleman) products. They have great meat - as Jay says it's pricey but comparible in quality & price to Wholefoods (not same selection though)- & worlds away from the local supermarkets. They get local scallops from Stonington etc.
      Not sure about short ribs - I don't really eat beef so I don't pay much attention - they definitely have beef & ribs though - they also regularly get buffalo steaks which are really good. Would suggest giving them a call & see what price they can give you re the ribs. 860-633-9393
      They also have great sausages - the lamb & mint ones are fantastic.