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Dec 26, 2006 10:06 AM

good bread in Barcelona?

I am moving to Barcelona in June and have been here this December scouting things out. Though we've had lots of good food so far, one thing we've not been able to find is good bread. Any Barcelona chowhounds out there who can recommend a good place to buy bread? The one place that comes closer is a bakery on Doctor Dou in the Raval that seems to be Spanish/Icelandic. Otherwise, most of the bread we've encountered is powdery with little substance, texture or taste. I may have to start baking my own bread when we move here.

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  1. You've gotta take the bad with the good. One of the world's great culinary
    dichotomies is a slice of spanish ham on a piece of spanish bread. It's like
    matter and anti-matter, day resting on night, pure platonic good laying
    atop pure evil. When I lived in spain, I took a bread vacation to germany.

    1. I live in the Gracia neighorbood so my frame of references is around the Mercat on Travessera de Gracia in Gracia.

      There are two places I go for decent bread.

      For baguette-style bread, go to a place called Panet. They have the best baguettes that I have tried from a bakery in Barcelona. It is not amazing but it holds up to the rest. I think the street is named, Santa Perpetua--but it is on the street parallel to Travessera going away from the market towards Gran the Gracia.

      For German style, whole grain breads there is small bakery on Travessera de Gracia going away from the market towards Gran Gracia. They have lots of different varieties of whole grain breads--some with cardoman others with walnuts. Stay away from their wierd cookies--sugarless and crumbly.

      I think Viena--the mini-chain feautred in the NY Times about their amazon bocadillo de jamon--has the best bread around. They make their own and it is delicious.

      Nelson's right next to the market in Gracia is a small cafe which sells specialty items also uses good bread for their sandwiches--called flautas which are miniature versions of baguettes. They also make a mean cafe con leche if you are in the area.

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        Ok, I know that this is off-topic but since you are moving to Barcelona and since I am ranting and raving about my neighborhood, you have to go to try the BEST gelato in the world--which is conveniently located down the street from me. I am serious--I have been to Rome, I have been to Sicily but this is hands-down the BEST ever.

        It is handmade by two wonderful Roman ladies. All flavors using seasonal, locally produced ingredients. They are closed during the winter. Located in Plaça de Revolucío in the square in front of the market.

      2. Chuckles, I've been laughing about your comment for weeks.
        Mielimato, thank you for your suggestions. My 7-year-old son will especially appreciate the gelato tip.
        I promise to reciprocate after I get the lay of the land and have something to contribute.

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        1. re: raquelb

          you welcome! good luck with the move!

          i check out the name of the street that Panet is on--it's Puigmarti--right around the corner from the market.

          yes, please report back with good finds. i am always interested in hearing about new good bakeries!