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Dec 26, 2006 05:56 AM

Where can I get vegetarian spring rolls and egg rolls for a party in San Diego

We are going to have a party was looking for a place where we can buy a large tray of spring rolls and egg rolls that are vegetarian or made only with shrimp. None of use eat meat, but we do eat seafood. Linda Vista Foods use to make a vegetarian one, but they sold the business and it is now a small restaurant. If anyone can recommend another place, please let me know. Thanks for your help. :)

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  1. The vegetarian egg rolls at Le's (in the same parking lot as Vien Dong on Linda Vista Rd.) are excellent.

    1. We always order spring rolls with shrimp only @ Saigon on El Cajon Blvd and they're always very good. I believe they do large orders as well.

      1. try Saffron on India St. They make tofu ones and I think shrimp ones as well (not so sure on the latter).

        1. Thanks for everyones help. I ended up at a place called A Chao on Menlo and El Cajon. They have the basic spring rolls and also made ones with the shrimp with the sugar cane. A little bit different and very good.

          1. I would aggree with Daantaat, and try Saffron on India Street. The owner, Sui Me, is usally there during the day, you can ask her.