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Dec 26, 2006 04:16 AM

How did your Christmas feast(s) go??

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! I'd love to hear how everyone's cooking turned out.

Our Christmas Eve supper was great. Nigella's Chocolate-Cherry Trifle was a huge hit, with everyone groaning with delight at the first bite. Can't say enough about that recipe!

Today's feast turned out wonderfully. Suzanne Goin's prime rib recipe was a winner and we have lots of leftovers for the next couple of days. Yorkshire Pudding (Martha Stewart's recipe) was as foolproof as always...I've made it for the past 10 years, at least! Ina Garten's Spinach Gratin was also wonderful...very comforting and fabulous as a side dish with the prime rib. I reported on the roasted green beans...really good. My biggest experiment was a coffee-macadamia creme brulee and I'm thrilled to say it turned out perfectly. The texture was superb, and the flavors were spot on. The coffee and macadamias are ground up fine and steeped in the cream, then strained it will be easy to substitute other flavors if I want to for next time. Or just add vanilla bean and make it plain. YUM.

Time for bed. Sweet dream everyone...may you all enjoy this final week of 2006!

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  1. Our first go-round was on Christmas Eve, and it went well. The shoulder (scored and studded) ham we served was blessedly not too salty, and the resultant gravy was heavenly. Mashed potato casserole was, as usual, a hit. Marvelous potato sausage. All sides well-received - especially red sweet-and-sour cabbage.

    Still, we're doing it all over again on Twelfth Night for another side of the family. And there are some things I will tweak, just for a change of pace (gads, I want some scallops in black-bean and garlic right now...). Maybe a scalloped potato dish in lieu of mashed. Maybe an arugula salad instead of mixed greens. Maybe a cranberry fool for desert. Or a custard pudding, or a rice pudding. Who knows. I do have a week to formulate plans. For now, I'm happy that everyone ate well. On to the next meal!

    I wish you all a Happy New Year!

    1. My moment of genius was cooking the stuffing (dressing) outside in a Dutch oven, while the birds were on the smoker. Cripsy on the edges, but moist inside, so everyone got what they wanted.

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        Tell me more, please. Do you add broth? Do you leave take the lid off at some point to make it brown? I've never been able to make outside-the-bird stuffing that came out well. I usually use a glass baking dish with a cover.

      2. I did Thanksgiving, so my sister did Christmas feast. I got the job of desserts. I went nuts. Good nuts, though.

        I made the following desserts:

        Frozen vanilla yoghurt (Bittman's recipe, son and signif other's Simac ice cream maker on loan while they're out of town)

        Chocolate panna cotta with orange caramel sauce

        Chocolate and chestnut pie (from Rose Bakery cookbook)

        Pistachio/Almond/lemon zest cake (also Rose Bakery)

        Mascarpone and prune tarts (prunes steeped in a bit of brandy first)

        All were really good and have some leftovers to take to work tomorrow.

        I had fun making these desserts and also it was fun having no other chores re holiday dinner. It wasn't even at my HOUSE? Huzzah!

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        1. re: oakjoan

          oakjoan, can I hire you for my next family bash? :) Sounds great!

        2. My flaming persimmon pudding was a certified hit.

          1. My GF's sour cream apple pie was a big hit, and worthy of the "Mentioned on Chowhound" award.