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Dec 26, 2006 04:00 AM

Paso Robles Restaurant

I am taking a 2 day trip (12/27~28) with my boyfriend to Paso Robles. We will be staying at Paso Robles Inn. We are planning to arrive early and do some wine tasting. Since I don't know the area at all, I need some suggestions.

1) Which wineries should we visit? And where should we have lunch?

2) I am thinking about Bistro Laurent or Panolivo for dinner. I read good review about Bistro Laurent on this board. And saw Panolivo is offering $20 Bistro 3 courses dinner on their website. Which restaurant is better?

3) What about breakfast the next day? Panolive?

4) I want to visit Solvang on our way back to LA. Any good Denish restaurant to try there?

5) Anywhere worth stopping by between Paso Robles and Los Angeles for food, snacks, or taking home goodies (pie, cookie, jams, produces, etc.)?

Sorry for so many questions. Thanks a whole bunch in advance! ^^

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  1. if you can find it in a grocery or goft store, get some Paso Almonds--a brittle-type candy. It is to die for.

    hint: buy more than one package, because if you open it, it won't survive the trip home.

    Paso shops to visit: the cheese shop, Di Raimondo's on 13th, and the olive oil shop.

    1. The Paso Robles wineries have been discussed in several threads before. The usual suspects are Tablas Creek and Adelaida, Garretson, Peachy Canyon, Linne Calado, L'Aventure, Turley and if it's possible to get in, Saxum.
      There's more information and a map here:
      Garretson isn't on the map because it's not a member of the association. Hug and Orchid Hill have a tasting room next to Garretson and they're worth visiting, too.