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Did you get food gifts for Christmas?

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I'll start.

My wife got me Carpogio Gelato from Philly. Excellent Excellent stuff. I got six flavors, Dark Chololate, Chocolate Banana, Peppermint, Chestnut, Pumpkin, and one I more that I can't remember. Excellent gift!

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  1. peppercorns from my mom
    pasta attachment for the kitchenaid mixer from Mr. Dumptruck

    1. A ham, a smoked turkey breast, and two pounds of bacon, all from Nueske's. MUCH appeciated. Plus the BF got me Gordon Ramsay's autobiography, as well as another of his cookbooks. Good times!

      1. I got a pepper mill from Quebec. Made in China. Battery operated. Once the bateries are inn all you do is invert it over what you want to pepper. No buttons or anything, just hold it upside down over the thing that needs peppering. It is automatic. Gravity activates it.

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          I had fun playing with one of those at Bed, Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago. :-)

          No food gifts for me - I put a moratorium on them as my pantry is too full. I did, however, get two food-related books - Bourdain's "Nasty Bits" (even tho I'm expecting the freebie from the Amstel promotion) and Steven Shaw's "Turning the Tables - Restaurants From the Inside Out".

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            My husband is reading Nasty Bits,( I doubt the one from the the pronotion will arrive...I signed up in Sept) I am reading Heat, mutual Christmas gifts, also got the new Essence of Chocolate by Sharffenberger and Seduced by Bacon is on it's way as is Green and Blacks cookbook. My other foodish gifts were a sterling silver gravy ladle in Wallace's Lion pattern and a pin (which I won't wear...just not me) that is made of oxidized copped and looks like a clump of curley parsley. My DH was given a basting brush which is shaped like a fat little chef (that makes for a too short handle) the touque the the basting brush. It will probably be re-gifted or donated.

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              Candy - looks like the promotion was overwhelmed with requests, but they ARE going to honor the promotion - check this posted link out on Food Media and News from Dec. 6th by rcheng:


              I also got the same EMail, so we'll see if it comes in another 4-6 weeks.

              1. re: LindaWhit

                I didn't get the e-mail and we've bought it anyway., Oh well.

        2. A $15 certificate for Ventolini ice cream here in Cali, Colombia. Good for five cups of ice cream. We got mandarin ice, arequipe, cafe mocha, vanilla, chocolate. Great but pricey compared to what I make with my Krups.

          1. Yep. Some Iron Chef spicy Thai somethingorother sauce.

            1. I ended up getting both 3 and 6 quart Lodge Color enameled cast iron pots (when I asked for an enameled cast iron pot, I figured the really heavy boxes under the tree were probably mine) and a set of metal bowls (which I had none of previously.)

              1. mmmm...Capogiro! I am from Philly and miss it dearly!

                I didn't get food (well, some candy, actually, but nothing chow-ish) However I did get the pasta maker and food grinder attachments for my KitchenAid. Mr. Diva is expecting a lot of fresh pasta and burgers in the new year!

                1. Vosges Chocolate Bar
                  Herbs du Provence Sea Salt
                  Home Grown Honey
                  Lindt truffles
                  Plum flavored tequilla
                  Plum Mango marmalade
                  Vacumn Wine Topper
                  Dog and Kitty treats

                  1. I bought myself some Tartufo cheese...delish...my boyfriend bought me the book "Heat" - it is about a guy that worked as an assistant, of sorts, with Mario Batali...looking forward to reading that. I also received a giftcard to igourmet.com for $50.00...I am going to buy some truffle honey to go with my Tartufo cheese.

                    1. Got a huge, fancy silpat with pie-crust measurement circles on it, which I've already used to create the Skillet Apple Pie of Doom.

                      Got a bunch of Vosges chocolate.

                      Got the Rolls Royce of rice cookers -- ten cups, does brown and white and sticky and sweet and congee and steams and, I'm sure, if I can find out how to program it, will change the baby too.

                      And we got a bigger knife block, which we desperately needed.

                      1. People bought us things off our bridal registry (big bonus, because i can use the things now, before the wedding, instead of waiting until after the wedding to use engagement gifts!)

                        Lots of kitchen gadgets, a kitchen aid, some pots and pans...

                        1. Smoked sausages and bacon from Dakins Farm in Vermont, chocolate mice from Burdicks, a big box of vermont Products from Taftsville country Store in Vermont- syrup, salsa, hot chocolate, a jar of mufuletta, pancake mix, a huge block of Cheddar.

                          1. We got truffles from France. drrooool. We got chopsticks, a micrograter, and prime rib.

                            WE also got Nasty Bits and Las Halles by Bourdain..and my FIL got a Wolfgang Puck grill.

                            1. An update after exchanging gifts with my best friend a few days ago....I got a gorgeous copper whisk with a cherry handle, and three Kershaw Shun Classic knives - the Santoku, a regular paring knife, and the bird's beak paring knife.

                              I've used Henckel's Professional "S" knives for the past 20+ years, but like the feel of the Shun in my hand - haven't used them yet. Anyone with experience with them? I understand they're up there in quality with Globals (which I don't like in my hand).

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                                Ooh, where did she get that whisk? Not that I need another whisk...

                                1. re: Katie Nell

                                  LOL! I have three whisks myself, but one can ALWAYS use another whisk. I'm not sure where she got it - probably at Kitchen Arts in Boston or another kitchen store in Cambridge, MA? I'll ask her tonight as we're going out to dinner.

                                  1. re: Katie Nell

                                    Katie, I asked last night, and it was a specialty market in Harvard Square. Not sure if it's a regular thing (although you probably couldn't make a special trip to Boston just for a whisk <g>). My friend did say she thought the woman had an online presence, but didn't know the website.

                                    But I just Googled "copper whisk" and found what I think is the site - here's the whisk she got me; lots of other good items there as well.


                                    1. re: LindaWhit

                                      Thanks Linda! I like the old coil whisk too- you don't see those as much anymore!

                                2. I got a new Mandolin (a real one, not the Japanese kind I've been using for fifteen years).

                                  A Korean woman at work gave me a bottle of her homemade chili sauce (amazing stuff I mixed with a little raspberry jam and brushed on grilled rack of lamb).

                                  And my mom always sends me her homemade apple butter and applesauce. And a sweater.

                                  I prefer the apple butter and applesauce.

                                  1. We got some great kitchen gifts... thankfully none that was edible...

                                    * A Stainless Steel Roasting Pan
                                    * A Sugar Shaker
                                    * A California Cookbook

                                    and my favorite...

                                    A Beer Can Chicken Stand!! WHOO HOO!! :)


                                    1. A co-worker sent some of Jacques Torres artisan chocolates for Yule/Christmas.

                                      1. Nope. Wine stuff. But my mother did give me a jar of homemade Damsom Plum jam.

                                        1. Truffles? Not for amandine. Nothing says "I love you" at Christmas like red and green peanut M&Ms. Thanks, Mom!

                                          1. We received some wonderful homemade coffee liqueur, hot sauces and salsas and two high calorie carrot cakes, which were promply re-gifted. I've lost 50 pounds this year and don't want to gain it back.
                                            I was given, a strange looking salt and pepper set and a sushi making kit, which was an odd choice, since I teach cooking classes including suhi.
                                            I gifted myself a box of various flavors of low carb/low sugar Amber Lynn Belgian Chocolate bars. They're not bad, all things considered.
                                            I also found myself lusting for some fake Global knives, our SIL got. They had nice heft and balance ($75 a set). Anyone seen these?

                                            1. My uncle regifted me some peppermint bark in a nice tin box from Williams-Sonoma. (His partner is a hairdresser and all his clients give him gifts, much more than the two of them could ever eat or drink, so they pass them on to the rest of us.) My grandma gave us a box of her homemade candy--divinity, fudge, peanut brittle--as did one of the gentlemen in my church.

                                              The best was a couple days after Christmas when my folks took us over to Frontenac, a little Italian community not far from my hometown, and we got a bunch of prosciutto and other goodies not easily had here in the Middle of Nowhere, Iowa.

                                              1. I received chocolate; a lot of chocolate!

                                                1. MIL gave me double-vanilla extract, coffee and chocolate extracts, and pomegranate molasses from the Spice House. Battery-powered pepper mill from my brother - something I need when trying to hold a whole chicken or fish open with one hand and grind pepper into it with the other! _Cookwise_ book from my husband. And my son (who's in kindergarten) made me a pot holder! :)

                                                  1. I received a set of cheese plates that were tacky enough to send Susan Powter into remission. Just because the plates are multicolored and have some notion of France on it doesn't make it a good gift. I guess in this case, it's the thought that counts.

                                                    1. I asked for a Caviar sampler (ready to take the plunge)
                                                      Several new wines and Dh bought shares in a vineyard
                                                      Lots of good reads (CH recommended) by food industry pros

                                                      1. Got homemade pasta sauce and gave fresh, warm bagels Christmas morn.

                                                        1. I received:
                                                          a nice tin of my Mom's homemade fudge, divinity and butterball cookies;
                                                          a bottle of Bailey's;
                                                          terrific gift certificates to two of my favorite restaurants;
                                                          a gift certificate for my favorite local kitchenwares store (Pryde's of Westport in Kansas City).

                                                          Traditionally I send lots of food items to my daughter and her husband in Idaho. I always send a few jars of unusual mustards for daughter (a tradition for that mustard fan since her childhood) and a selection of different bacons from the Amana Meat Shop in Amana, Iowa (http://www.amanameatshop.com).

                                                          This year, daughter also got amaretto and hazelnut "Cheesecake in a Jar" plus shortbread cookies to spread it on and son-in-law got Jalapeno-Wasabi Hot Sauce, 100% Pain Hot Sauce, and Wild & Hot Habanero Salsa. All these products, including the Cheesecake, are from Original Juan Specialty Food. Their plant has a retail shop on premises here in Kansas City (on SW Blvd, east of Rainbow) so I as able to shop there, but they have a fine website at http://www.originaljuan.com.

                                                          I know there were some other food items in that box but can't recall exactly what right now.

                                                          The dogs got chews, the cats got tins of moist food, and the horses got carrot money.

                                                          1. I got a suitcase (literally) full of sardinian canned tomatoes, a tin of really good olive oil, and about 200 grams of bottarga. Best gifts ever!