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Dec 26, 2006 01:47 AM

Lazy Lunch before a 3PM Movie?

My wife and I have a rare opportunity to get out for a lazy lunch and and afternoon movie on Tuesday (the mother-in-law is in town and watching our daughter). The movie we're seeing is playing at Chelsea Cinemas or the Sunshine on East Houston.

Any recommendations for a good weekday lunch in either of those neighborhoods, ideally enjoyed with some good beer or wine??

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  1. right near the Landmark, i'd recommend Lucien (First Ave betw 1stSt/ night it's too crowded but it's a great place for a lazy lunch (i had a lazy lunch there on Saturday actually)...i recommend: the endive salad, the filet mignon, grilled salmon, escargot, and chocolate cake...and a bottle of the Gigondas...

    1. Simon - we went to Lucien and loved it. A great bottle of wine, onion soup, escargots, and Rabbit with Mustard Sauce & Noodles. Thanks for the recco.

      (Being there also brought back some good memories when we realized that Baby Jakes used to be in that space in the mid-nineties.)

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        cool...glad it worked out...cheers...

      2. I would hit the Sunshine and go to Inoteca first! Great combo!