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Dec 26, 2006 01:24 AM

Dinner Downtown

So we're leaving the baby at home and going out for dinner downtown - early, should be no problem getting a rez - options: want to try one of these new places (blue velvet, libery grill) but don't want to run into a place that seems like it belongs on the sunset strip (loud music, scantily clad hostesses with no restaurant experience) - so, I'm wondering if there is a new place worth going to or should we just stick with the classics (patina, nick and stef's), etc...

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  1. I went to Blue Velvet very soon after it opened, so I don't know if the scene has changed/grown/become annoying/loud etc. - but at the time, the food was inventive and delicious and the setting cool without being Sunset Strip-ish. I recommend - but also love Water Grill and R23 for good food downtown. Enjoy!

    1. I tried Water Grill for the first time recently and it was out of this world. Old-school ambiance, great service and fantastic seafood.

      1. For an adult dinner, I agree, Water Grill. For something a little trendier but not of the scantily-clad server persuasion, try Blue Velvet. As noted above, very inventive food, not too loud music, sexy and not in a Sunset Strip way. For what it's worth, the last meal I had, the only meal I had, at Nick and Stef's was one of the worst I ever had in LA. Cold side dishes, over cooked steak, bread pudding that someone obviously forgot to COOK. It was atrocious. I've also eaten at Liberty Grill, and although it's a nice casual place, the food is just OK; a great spot to hit for a game or event at Staples, but not really worth leaving the kid at home for. Good place to take the kid, probably.

        1. If it is a special night out, I second the rec for WATER GRILL.