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Best Mexican Food near Ritz Carlton in Phoenix

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I will be staying at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix (no car) and need a fix of good quality enchiladas, tacos, chile rellenos and homemade tortillas. Nothing fancy, just good Mexican food, oh, and I would love to wash it all down with a Margarita or two. Thanks.

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  1. No place is really close, but with you walk west along Camelback Road to 18th St. (about 3/4 of a mile), you'll find Arriba on the north side of the street. Arriba is a local chain with Mexican and New Mexican specialites.


    The other walkable choice is an outpost of the national chain Chevy's at 26th and Camelback Rd. That's probably something you can get whereever you live.

    For anything more interesting and unique, you'll probably want to take a bus or taxi. The Biltmore area is full of good restaurant choices but is not particularly strong in terms of Mexican food.

    1. If you are willing to take a short cab ride, Barrio Cafe on 16th Street and Thomas is terrific. Try the Guacamole made Tableside and the margaritas....


      1. You are on an Island - the immediate area is very developed by national stuff.

        Since you are land-locked and transport-challenged, why not have a little fun and challenge the staff to create the desired food? Firstly, I'm guessing a good chunk of the staff is more savvy in Latino fare than French or Sushi (which seems to be the hotel's offerings). Secondly, it's a Ritz. I'm not saying you should be an ass, or be demanding. Just ask the staff for some feedback on your desires and maybe challenge them a bit. I worked for a couple of lesser hotels with boring fare and we would have welcomed the opportunity to do something different from the everyday. I'd hope that a Ritz kitchen would welcome a challenge.

        1. actually, while not traditionally mexican, you are within walking distance of Richardsons, at 16th and Bethany home (although, i suppose it depends on whether you learned to walk in a real city or a suburban one like ours... in NY, it would be walkable and there are a few buses). Arriba might be your best bet otherwise.

          Otherwise, hop the bus to Central and head to Macayo's.

          1. Richardson's would be a walk of two miles. If one went west on Camelback and then north on 16th, there would be sidewalks the whole way, although the area is still largely designed for cars rather than pedestrians. Richardson's can also be reached via bus from the Ritz-Carlton without a transfer. Just catch route 60 westbound from the northwest corner of 24th and Camelback, diagonally across from the hotel. Service is every half hour until around 9 PM, so it would be necessary to plan the trip with some care.


            I guess it's a matter of personal taste, but I would recommend Arriba over Macayo's.

            1. you know, i WANT to like arriba's becuase its so close. but the two times i've been i've been so disappointed. i found their margarita prices to be outlandish (which was probably becuase they were mostly alcohol with a bit of sour thrown in, and i prefer the fruiter, sweeter margaritas), and the general spicyness level was too high for some of my guests, and getting things tamed down seemed beyond the kitchen staff.

              while macayos is always overpacked (and their margaritas are entirely TOO sweet), i still prefer it.. but you're right, its just personal taste.

              1. I would recommend Rosita's place at 2310 E. McDowell.They have great food.If you head south on 24th. St. till you get to
                McDowell,hang a right,it will be on the right side of the street.Their cheese enchiladas with salsa verde are very good,also their Mole is good.
                Personally,I would rather go without than eat in a Mexican chain restaurant.In a town like Phoenix that is loaded with really good "Mom and Pop" places, it would be like going to Italy and eating at an Olive Garden.

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                  Great choice, I always like Mom and Pop places over chains. Great job.

                  Also, not to be an ass, but I think if you can stay at the Ritz, you can probably pay $8 for a cab somewhere good.

                  Chevy's is worse than grade school cafeteria food, avoid it at all costs. Arriba is okay, I think they do a fair job.

                  If you had a car, I would tell you to drive to Central and Baseline and go to El Mesquite, that place rocks. Very good food, good service, and they do a great job.