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Any authentic German restaurants in MA/NH/Southern ME?

My family has a vacation house in Portsmouth, NH, and we are always on the lookout for authentic German restaurants near there or on the way up from central New Jersey. We have been to the William Tell and enjoyed it (mostly!), but we'd love to hear about an equivalent or ideally even better place. Strangely, our current favorite is a place called Nuernberger Bierhaus in Staten Island, NY.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I've heard great things about the Inn at Danbury in NH but I haven't been. I've been to but not in a while and it's Swiss - Mile A Way in Milford NH.



    1. In Springfield MA you have the Student Prince, good German food, and even better beer.

      1. I haven't been there in several years, but in the past I always loved Hofbrauhaus in West Springfield, MA:


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          Hofbrauhaus used to be a big favorite, but it has changed hands several times and just isn't the same. We had very poor meals our last two visits. Really too bad, it used to be fantastic. The Student Prince is great and highly recommended, especially the beers. It is a real Springfield institution. I have been to the Munich Haus in Chicopee for beers and lunch only, but it was very good. It seems to be modeled after the Prince.

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            I completely agree! The Hofbrauhaus is not as good as it used to be. I prefer to bring my business either to the Student Prince or the Munich Haus. The Student Prince is a great old favorite, but since they've been known as the best in the area for so long they tend to make you pay for it. I've gotten much more friendly service for better prices at the Munich Haus. The food is fantastic at both though.

        2. In New Hampshire:

          William Tell Inn: Alston, NH

          William Tell Restaurant: Thornton, NH

          Both restaraunts have great German/Swiss food. They aren't related, despite the similarities in their names. I'm not sure which one you tried; they are both pretty good.

          In Methuen, MA (just south of the NH border), there's The Wursthaus. Great German food, and a great selection of beers.

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            Do you mean the Wirtshaus? If so, what do you think is especially good there? Looking at a map, I can see that's not all that far from Portsmouth, so that could be an excellent bet for us! Any more details you could offer would be great.

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              My misspelling. That's the place. It's on Hampstead Street near "The Loop" off Rt. 213, which is a combination shopping center and chain restaurant jungle.

              The schnitzel and the sauerbraten are very good there. It's a very small restaurant and has a loyal following, so you may find yourself waiting for a table. It also isn't open on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.

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                YES YES YES to the Wirtshaus. Up the road is The Green Barn which is more American-German, but good....But the Wirtshaus....I had pig knuckles at Wirts' I'm still swooning over, with homemade sauerkraut and a German beer selection to die for. Yes, yes yes to the Wirtshaus.

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                  Third the Wirsthaus!! Green Barn isn't bad, but Wirsthaus is more authentic. Mmmm....sauerbraten and spaetzle....

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                  I know this is an old thread but it seems to be revived.

                  The Wirtshaus in Methuen is reasonably good. The beer selection is excellent with at least two German brews on tap. If you order a hefeweisen, the owner comes to your table with a proper glass, rinsed to chill, and pours the hefe correctly, swirling at the end to get all the yeast and build a frothy head -- very nice.

                  The atmosphere is very nice, too. Dark wood, comfortable tables, German music -- very homey.

                  Food is not bad, just OK. I've had better German food elsewhere.

                  It can be a little hard to find for someone not from the area. But it's worth the effort, if only for the beer and atmosphere.

                  Also Jacob Wirth in Boston is worth a stop if you're in the area.

              2. The Eastside Restaurant in New Britain CT is a hidden jewel, on Dwight Street. Outstanding German food, though the only time I was there, I was served by a waitress who was a recent Polish immigrant. Made for an interesting cultural moment!

                I also second the nomination of the Hofbrauhaus in West Springfield, MA, great food. Student Prince's food across the river in Springfield is not quite as good, though they do have very fresh German beer on draft.

                1. The Green Barn in Salem, NH is another choice to consider. The do a decent job with their German food.

                  1. 10 to 15 minutes north of Freeport, Me. two additional suggestions are Richard's in Brunswick, a German-American. Across the Androscoggin River from Brunswick, in Topsham, is The Old Munich German-Bavarian restaurant. Richard's is a long time local favorite and worth a try if your in the area. The Old Munich is another thing entirely. It is worth a trip to sample their entrees, homemade sausage, baked goods and the terrific German beer & wine selection. You will not be disappointed! Both places are web accessible

                    1. I also vote for The Student Prince it is very good plus has a few different items on the menu of the non german variety. It is your typical larger restaurant. More in line with your travel route depending on the roads you take is "The Vienna Haus" in Southbridge MA.(right off of 84 and the Mass Pike) http://www.thevienna.cjb.net/ The owner's mom is originally from Osterreich and the entire place is very ornately decorated. Plus you can have drinks on the verandah or the Pallor (sp?) before dinner should you so choose. Lastly they will take you on a tour of all the rooms if you ask - very personal service. Great Food.

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                        Yes, we usually do drive through Sturbridge, so the Vienna Haus would be quite close. What do you think is especially good there? I could only find a sample menu but am wondering if they ever have Tafelspitz, which is one of my favorite Austrian dishes! And I'm always interested in Austrian wines like Gruener Veltliner and Blaue Zweigelt...

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                          fyi, they often have some Gruener Veltliners at the NH Liquor stores and have also got some at Corks and Curds in Psmouth and also at Attrezi in Psmouth...

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                            I am sorry I cant remember if there is Tafelspitz on the menu. I ordered the (typical) Weinerschnitzel in a mushroom sauce that was very yummy with great spaetzl. My aunt had a grilled fish that was very good - I had had that dish in Bremen but cant remember the name. I do remember a great wine selection. Unfortunetly, I was sick when we went so I definetly need to go again.

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                              After reading the post from kegirl, above, I sent email to the address listed in their website ( http://www.thevienna.com/restaurant.html ) and got a nice reply from Lisa at Vienna Restaurant. She emailed their complete menus. And, yes, they do have Tafelspitz!

                          2. WIRTSHAUS is my vote!!! Feels like you're dining in their own home....wait, I think it is.....anyway, the beer selection is something to see, including the elaborate presentation...the food is classic homestyle German. I grew up in that area, now live in Boston. Never seen another place like it in Southern New England.

                            If a detour or day trip to Boston is in your plans, while in the city check out Jacob Wirth's. Also a fun place, good food, but more of a German beerhall experience.

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                              I'd certainly second Jacob Wirth's if Bean Town ends up on your itinerary. It's a Boston institution that , sadly, many Bostonians have never experienced.

                            2. I live not far from the Inn at Danbury, The restaurant there is the Alphorn Bistro. Chef owned and family run. Good selection of beer and Austrian and German wines. Riedel wine glasses.. much appreciated here in NH. ( Don't often see that)
                              The food is very good and it is a fun place.

                              1. Agree with Zip, re: Danbury Inn. The place is a hoot, with delicious Germaqn food. They have a great Oktoberfest in the fall.

                                1. The Green house AKA "The German House" in Methuen Massachusetts I know of and its not very good..
                                  There is another I forgot the name its a little place in someones house on a side street its pretty good. Can't recall the name. I have not been ther in years its of a main drag left befor a fire station and about a half mile on the right white building

                                  1. The Green Barn in on the Haverhill/salem NH line is great. We have been going there for years and have ALWAYS had a great meal.

                                    1. The Student Prince/ The Fort in downtown Springfield is my vote - even the decor and ambiance are right on

                                      1. these all sound great and I'm planning on trying Wirsthaus soon - but, does anyone by chance remember a place called Drygala Haus in (I think) Bedford, NH?? Went many years ago, had to wait for a place to sit, but what fun! It was like a German buffet and an "oompah" band that just had you singing your heart out! I have often looked for it again but could never find it.

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                                          The Drygala (in Bedford NH) is long gone.

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                                            OMG - It was such a surprise when I came across your post about the German food buffet in N.H. I have been trying to remember the name and where it was located. I visited this same buffet in the 70's. To this day I still talk about how good it all tasted and how much fun I had. I came across to this site after I googled Drygala Haus N.H. Please let me know if you can open it - it has information pertaining to Drygala Haus.

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                                              The Drygala Haus has closed. It was my family's restaurant. My father sold the business in 1985. The Drygala family lives in Florida now. It was a great environment to grow up in. I have a lot of fond memories from that time. I'm glad you had such a good time but unfortunately is gone.

                                            2. If you pass through CT on 84 Old Heidelberg in Bethel, CT is great.

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                                                It's further north than the request so I have avoided mentioning it, but if passing north on Rt 1 in Wladoboro, Me., hang a louey just before Moody's Diner and go to Morse's Saurkraut(Google it). not only a great live kraut, but a fine German/European Deli w/ the best wurst (a pun) selection in Maine and real black bread, with German expats. lined up to buy it, but it also has a delightful, tiny BYOB, cafe, w/ great soups and featuring their wursts and kraut. Very worth a detour. Proust!

                                              2. I live in Connecticut now but was born and raised in Central, New Jersey. Have you ever tried the Black Forest Restaurant in Allentown, NJ? It's a quaint German-American Restaurant that's small but the food is good. The chef comes out to make sure the food was to your satisfaction. I believe the restaurant is right on Main Street and the upstairs of the building also has a quaint shop of local crafts. Check it out if you ever get the chance.


                                                1. I just saw this thread reappear and wanted to thank you who recommended Richard's Restaurant in Brunswick - my boyfriend and I went there a couple of weeks ago and had a great meal. I wrote it up here:

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                                                    Funny, we had lunch last Saturday in the mediocre deli across the street, crossed Main afterward, to walk back to the car and stumbled upon Richards. I was aware there was a German restaurant in Brunwick. We wish we had eaten there. Next time.

                                                  2. Did you ever go to The Little Kraut in Red Bank, NJ? I used to live near there!

                                                    Yes, try the Student Prince.

                                                    And if you're ever in Fort Lauderdale, try The Ambry.

                                                    1. My sister-in-law is from Germany and when she comes to Maine she enjoys Richard's in Brunswick. Yes, it's a bit more north than Portland, but it's worth it. She says there are quite a few dishes that are as close to home-cooking as she's had in New England.