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Dec 25, 2006 08:39 PM

Pastrami in New Jersey?

I do not spend much time in New Jersey, but my parents live in Bridgewater, and I'm wondering if there's a deli in the Northern/Central NJ area that has pastrami of or near the caliber of Katz's in NYC or Langer's in L.A.
Thanks for any help!

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  1. Trying to match Katz's is waaaay too high a standard. You will be disappointed to shoot that high, do not know Langers.

    Your best bet is going to be a bagel-deli joint. In the Millburn Short Hills area try Bagel Chateau in Millburn or Livingston Bagel. I am not sure whether any Tabatchnicks or Eppes Essens are still open as well.

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    1. your best bet is almost certainly harold's new york deli in edison, which is on woodbridge ave, close to the intersection of the nj turnpike and I-287. definitely the best ny-style jewish deli in northern or central nj that i know of.

      here are some links that should provide you with plenty of info about the place:

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        Thanks, I've actually heard about Harold's. How/what do you order there? Anything else I should know about?

        1. re: Epicure

          Take your camera.

          Enter, sit down, peruse the menu, order the pastrami on rye. Walk to the pickle bar and pick up your choice. When the sandwich arrives, start taking pictures.

          After you're done, take home half the sandwich. Send pictures to your friends. They will be amazed at the size of the sandwich!

          1. re: georgeb

            That's so funny. This is exactly what I did the first time I came here. You really cannot believe the size of the portions here. AND even though everything is BIG...I mean HUGE, the food still tastes good.

      2. Harold's don't order any thing large unless you have a party of 20. I never saw a 2 foot hot dog in my life. When the knish came to the table i thought it was a whole turkey breast. Pastrami I ordered a small I couldn't finish it.

        1. epicure,

          georgeb and fal have it right. don't order any "large" portions if you're sharing or planning on taking food home.

          i think the link pretty much sums up what you should order. harold's is especially known for their pastrami and corned beef.

          is the food at harold's on the level of katz's or langer's? probably not, but it's definitely better than anything i've ever been to in nj. of course i don't discount the possibility that there's a better place in the state, but i just haven't heard of one yet.

          hopefully there's an undiscovered gem out there, but that type of thing tends to be more likely in the city.

          1. While Katz's is, without a doubt, in a class by itself, the pastrami at Jesse & David's, in Manalapan, is quite good as long as you make sure to order it "fatty." And, btw, their crinkle-cut fries are seriously delicious. Note: They have a sister location called Lox, Stock & Deli, in East Brunswick. One would think the pastrami there would be as good as at J&D's, but I've never eaten there, so I can't say.