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NC: J'ville to Morehead City

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hi -

i grew up in Jacksonville, NC, (60s - 70s) and as far as i know, there still is no decent place to eat there. a friend tells me there are a few decent restaurants in Morehead City.

i will be visiting J'ville in a few days, and we would like to take our mother out for a decent dinner.

does anyone know what decent restauarants are within reasonable driving distance of Jacksonville? are there any? Swansboro?


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  1. In Swansboro, a favorite of mine is Gourmet Cafe, which is located on the second story of a building in the historic district right on the water. The she-crab soup there is amazing, as is the Calabash-style fried seafood dishes. Whenever I head down to the coast, I feel like no-frills seafood, so I have not ventured to try their more sophisticated preparations, which take up the bulk of their menu.

    By word of mouth, I've heard that White Oak River Bistro and Riverside Steak & Seafood, both of which are in Swansboro, are also great bets.

    1. Williams -- Morehead City
      Island Grill -- Atlantic Beach
      Shepherd's Point -- Morehead
      Wind and Sea -- Morehead

      There are so many good restaurants in the area...vastly changed from when you might have known the area.

      1. thanks to both.

        it seems still that most of the decent food is in Morehead City...and perhaps Swansboro. i wanted the truth, and in all my searches and personal queries, no one really ever comes up with anything in j'ville..

        thanks to both for the updates.

        1. The Ice House or Captain Charlie's in Swansboro.

          1. WIlliams in Morehead

            Blue Moon Bistro in Beaufort

            Bistro by the Sea in Morehead

            All 3 great food, service and atmosphere

            1. well, it looks like it's going to be the Crabs Claw in Atlantic Beach - Carib/Mediterranean seafood with a view over the ocean. i have an online aquaintance from California who lives in Morehead who swears by it.

              didn't see NXS's or Barbara's responses above - thanks NXS and Doug and Barbara and Mike anyway.

              barbara, i'm familiar with Captain Charlie's but was looking for something less deep-fried...

              here is the web for Crabs Claw


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                Was so glad to see this thread when I was in eastern NC over the holidays. Mom and I took an impromptu trip to Morehead City to check out an antique store and the ocean. Went to Atlantic Beach first and right there was the Crabs Claw. We ended up having a wonderful late lunch on a gloriously warm, sunny day. Sat out on the deck with a view of the ocean. Food was delicious - we shared the curried shrimp salad (with a curry flavored oil based dressing), then we had the salmon sandwich and the chicken salad - both excellent. The chicken had a black berry marinade and was served on perfect greens with walnuts, sauteed portabello mushrooms and crumbled blue cheese. Had a side order of jalapeno corn bread which was toasted - I don't usually like corn bread but for some reason this called to me and I'm glad I did. With two glasses of white wine and a glass of ice tea, the bill was about $50. Service was very good, and friendly in a good way. All in all, a wonderful way to pass the afternoon with Mom.

              2. duck's restaurant on gum branch road---
                logans steak house
                em r wings in sneads ferry
                the riverview in sneads ferry
                lor-e-leis in sneads ferry

                1. T & W Oyster Bar outside of Swansboro has re-opened, and is as good, if not better, than it ever was.

                  1. T &W is located on Highway 58. Captain Charlies ,The Ice House and The Riverview is located in Swansboro. Just looked at the date of the post!!! LOL Well you can still go there and eat.!!!! :) :) :) :)