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Dec 25, 2006 07:40 PM

Mexican within Walking Distance

Home from the holidays and since I'm in Mexican Food Purgatory (East Coast) most of the year, I'd like to pick up some cheap grubby Mexican during the day. I used to work in Boyle Heights and know places there, but right now I'm in the Chinatown area and my access to a vehicle is spotty during the week. What are good places (or trucks) that I can walk to for lunch?

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  1. There is a Burrito King in Chinatown. But a bit further north, a long walk or easy bike ride, is Carnitas Michaocan, on North Broadway and 19th. Good carne asada, great al pastor from a real rotisserie spit, and a fantastic complex smoky hot dark rust-brown thin hot sauce that is addictive.

    1. Don't laugh...Olvera Street for taquitos.

      From past LA Weekly on Mexican places

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        Forty years ago I was getting taquitos on Olvera Street.

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            I should have elaborated further. Definitely good, that's why I posted. These have always been the best, fresh out of the fryer and served with the guacamole sauce. There is another thread here somewhere on this board about the guacamole sauce served at Olvera St. with the taquitos.

      2. Colima at the corner of Broadway and Cesar Chavez, just on the edge of Chinatown. Not the greatest Mexican place in the world, but it's walking distance for you and certainly more than acceptable.

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          Agreed Right next door to Subway sandwichs Colima has great Chili Verde, Auga Frescas

        2. I'll pass on Burrito King, went many moons ago and thought it was just a step up from Taco King. I have heard very good things about Ceilito from friends and never quite made it there. I'm gonna have to do a little walk down there sometime in the next two weeks.