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Dec 25, 2006 07:23 PM

Why is Sonic so bad?

Seeing the other thread about Sonic got me to wondering--how does Sonic succeed as a chain, serving such terrible food? I've given them two tries (different outlets), and both times the food has been nasty--inedible. I don't expect that much from a fast food burger, but considering how long it took to get to me, and their claim that the food is made-to-order, how come the burger tastes like it's been congealing under the heat lamps for an hour? Even their limeades (which supposedly are made with real limes) taste bitter, nasty, and artificial.

Am I missing something, or just ordering the wrong things? A burger at In n Out is about a thousand times better.

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  1. I've never had the burger or the limeade. I always order a coney w/cheese and a banana cream pie shake.
    I'll admit it's not "Great" but since I live in Canada and only get there once in a while, the novelty factor works for me.


    1. Sounds like you had a bad experience. I have always like Sonic - especially the SuperSonic with mustard and onions, tots, and a REAL cherry flavored Dr. Pepper. The burger is probably better than average fast food, but the stars are the tots and the drinks. They are very big outside In-N-Out territory.

      Sonic's advantages are their much larger menu, including a good breakfast, more drink options, and the kitsch factor of an old-fashioned drive-in joint. I prefer the burgers from In-N-Out, but I still love Sonic when I get the chance. I have never tried the limeades, but there are so many other options.

      1. I have to say I quite enjoy Sonic. And the cherry(limeade) on top is that they offer the #2...a fastfood burger exactly the way I like irritating haggling with machine-retarded cashiers...I just say..."number 2, please." And bingo.

        1. I've never had a burger there either, but the foot long hot dogs are decent. As other's have said, not great, but decent.

          It's possible that some locations are just junky. One of the more reliable chains that I go in my area is Chilis, but a family member thinks they are terrible. I tried the Chilis in his area and I would have thought the same thing.

          1. I love their ice.The have that hard to find little bitty ice that stays frozen for a really long time.I gave up soda so the only time I allow myself to have one is at sonic for a cherry coke...which is to die for!I have never had a burger there I always get a corndog which is great if you are on the road like myself because you never have to worry about spilling it all down you!