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Dec 25, 2006 04:28 PM

Dipping sauce for fresh fruit?????

I've had a delicious dipping sauce for fresh fruit. I think that the sauce was made from cream cheese, cream, sugar & some sort of alcoholic flavoring?? Does anyone have this recipe???? Thanks & happy new year

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  1. I dont know that particular recipe but I have a couple of easy good fruit dipping sauces...

    1. yogurt and honey

    2. sugar, salt and hot pepper (common in thailand!)

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    1. re: kalroy

      Hi Kalroy. Thanks so much, I'll give it a try!

    2. I had a great one, that is made with:

      cream cheese
      Marshamallow fluff (yes, believe it!)
      1 tablesp. orjage juice concentrate

      Mix together, and it is fantastic. I just don't know the
      amounts, as it's been awhile since I made it. Let me check.

      1. I just found it:

        Can you believe the name? lol.


        Watermel on
        Any fruit in season
        2 (8 oz.) pkgs. cream cheese, softened
        16 oz. fluff marshmallow creme
        Food coloring (optional)
        Dessert shells (sponge), optional

        Wash and slice fruit in the manner you would for a traditional fruit salad. If it is off-season for certain fruits, add some sugar for sweetness (you can also use a sugar substitute). Toss fruit together in bowl. Refrigerate.
        Mix softened cream cheese with equal amounts of fluff marshmallow creme; mix until smooth. You can leave it white or use food coloring to compliment your choice of fruits. Put in bowl and refrigerate until you serve.

        You can serve it as a dip or serve dessert shells filled with dip and topped with the fruit.

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        1. re: mcel215

          Thanks. Not sure its the same one as I had, but someone else also recommended the fluff!! Will give it a try. Happy new year

        2. If alcohol is called for in fresh fruit dip it is *usually* orange liqueur, but it also usually says that orange juice can be substituted.
          I think any fruit flavored alcohol could be treated the same way?

          Also, here is my favorite:
          "Ambrosia Topping for Fresh Fruit"
          2 cups yogurt
          1 tablespoon lime juice
          1 tablespoon lemon juice
          1 tablespoon orange juice
          3 fluid ounces honey
          mix mix mix, enjoy.

          If I use flavored sweetened yogurt, I decrease the honey to taste.
          (Makes about 2 1/2 cups)

          1. Not the one you're looking for, but some other ideas. Mix Greek yogurt with:

            -cocoa powder and honey
            -lemon curd
            -cooled double-strength tea, cinnamon, cardamom and honey
            -toasted coconut, coconut extract, pineapple juice
            -room temp. peanut butter, ground ginger, brown sugar
            -orange juice and zest, maple syrup
            -dulce de leche