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Dec 25, 2006 03:48 PM

Remind me... How do you make sure glass doesn't break??

So I just had a fairly traumatic experience... I had a plate in the microwave and all the sudden I heard a pop. I look in and one of my vintage depression glass plates had broken. I completely forgot about hot/cold foods and glass... Now that I've learned my lesson the hard way (and will remember to always get out my microwave safe plates in the future), I realized that I can't even remember what the rules are about cold or hot foods and glass.

RIP Hazel Atlas Ovide plate... :(

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  1. put a spoon into a glass cup or mug when using boiling liquid.

    Microwave and vintage just do not go together, I guess.

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    1. re: C70

      >>put a spoon into a glass cup or mug when using boiling liquid<<

      I'm assuming you mean when pouring hot liquid into a glass cup or mug? . . . One should NEVER put a metal spoon into a microwave.

      And as for the other, make sure to use microwave-safe dishes in the microwave, and you should be fine.

    2. Old glass in a microwave is a real bad idea. Old glass can develop glass fatigue and when put under any stress can shatter.

      1. a spoon in the glass before pouring the boiling water--also if you have a glass table top as I do--put something underneath a hot from the oven dish (ie. bamboo mat or insulated cloth)or your tabletop may crack and break

        1. oh yeah, it's all microwave safe dishes from now on. i was thinking more in terms of other glass items, like bakeware etc., since I know I've heard some basic rules about temperature and glass. as for my plate, i think it was more likely what Candy said about glass fatigue, as the plate had been in the microwave for less than a minute, and the food was still fairly cool.

          thanks! now i've just got to work on replacing the plate, the pattern I have is not as common as i'd like.

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          1. re: annimal

            I had a dumb moment when trying to extract a frozen daiquiri mix from my glass blender jar that was straight from the freezer, by running hot water over it. CRACK! What was I thinking?!

            I think basically the way to keep glass from breaking is not to go to extremes too quickly. Hot to fridge, not freezer -- frozen to room temp before heating.

            1. re: annimal

              Ebay is a really good source for finding vintage china and glassware.

              Another good option is although it's more expensive.

            2. Any changes in extreme heat is bad for glass. MV safe is just that, everything else is chancy. Depression glass in MV leads to depression. The spoon in the glass works if sterling and can conduct the heat quickly and efficiently.